Fitbit Flex

OK, so I don’t actually have this product as it’s a new one out. But I SO want it and plan to get one when we can spare the money.
Fitbit has brought out a new fitness activity monitor – Fitbit Flex. This is similar to the Fitbit One in that it tracks sleep as well and exercise activities. It is a wristband that connects wirelessly to the Fitbit app on your phone or PC to update your sleep or activities during the day. The Flex can also connect to other apps such as MFP and Endomondo to update them so that you don’t have to. It even has an alarm to wake you up in the morning!
What the Flex comes with on purchasing: charger, syncing dongle, large and small wristband, tracker, membership and access to free apps. 
What the Flex tracks: steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, minutes active, hours of sleep and quality of sleep. 
Because the app is programmed with your weight and height details etc, you can be sure that the data is accurate for you and not based on someone else’s data. IT deals with actual data and not estimated data so your MFP activities can be more accurate and you don’t show more calories burned than you’ve actually used.
It comes in a range of colours, not just black, which means you can choose your favourite colour.
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Beware the losing of the hair!

It’s not something most new mothers think about. 
We all know that while during pregnancy our hair becomes thick and lush and in the healthiest state it could be and I’m pretty sure most would realise that once the baby is born, that thick lushness dissipates as it starts to fall out in a rapid state.
But are you aware of the potential danger this can create?
Danger, you ask? What danger is there in our hair falling out? 
The danger is to our new babies. Obviously, we bath or shower our babies often and we clean their little feet. But do you check their little toes? Let me explain.
The other day, I was dressing Danielle and took a close look at her little toes. To my dismay, I noticed a couple of strands of my hair had managed to wind themselves around two of her toes. I managed to get them off though it was quite hard as they’d already gotten tight.
Toe Tourniquet. Source: Wikipedia
Why is this a danger? If left unchecked, and let’s face it, hair is very thin and unless you really pay attention can easily be missed, the strands of hair can tighten as the baby wriggles his or her toes. As the strand tightens it restricts the blood flow to the toes. Eventually your baby could lose their toes and even have them accidentally amputated off. All because of that little strand of hair that falls off from your head. 
It’s called Toe Tourniquet. Google is full of the results of what it looks like but I have linked photos from wikipedia for you.
I urge you to check your baby’s toes often. Fingers as well. It’s very easy to miss a strand of hair, even dark ones, and the results can be very dangerous for baby indeed.
I was aware of the danger so I knew to check for it. Now, I hope you are forewarned as well.



Silence is golden… unless you have a toddler!

This is a statement I have come to know well, previously with miss monkey, and now with master monster.
Miss monkey as a toddler got up to several incidents of mischief when she went quiet. On one of the more memorable ones, I remember coming home from work to finding hubby had shut miss monkey’s bedroom and had a video waiting for me on the camcorder. The footage on there was of miss monkey covered from top to bottom in Sudocream, which she’d taken out of her nappy bag which daddy had left on the floor in her bedroom where she could reach it, and of her bedroom, also covered in Sudocream. Miss monkey was crying in the video because she’d been caught out. It was very cute apart from the fact that miss monkey had managed to use up an entire tub of barely used Sudocream and that daddy had left the mess in the bedroom for me to clean up! He did clean up miss monkey though though I had to chuck out the nappy bag after this stunt since it was also covered and unable to be cleaned.
Another time, I walked into my bedroom to find miss monkey had climbed up onto my dresser and grabbed my concealer and foundation creams and smeared them all over the dresser, the carpet and my black duvet cover in the process of putting it on herself! My duvet cover has never recovered from this particular stunt and still has stain marks from this event.
A third stunt included a matching pillowcase to the same aforementioned duvet cover and a black permanent black marker. Also something that is stuck forevermore and not able to be removed.
Yesterday (Monday) was master monster’s turn to remind me that silence and toddlers don’t mix. I had forgotten to shut my bedroom door after missy moo had woken up for her feed and was feeding her in the lounge. Master monster wandered up the hallway and because I heard nothing coming through the monitor I assumed he had gone into either his own bedroom or monkey’s bedroom. Wrong. He was in my bedroom alright and he’d found a half drunken bottle of beer left by hubby on his bedside table from Sunday evening. I walked into the room to put missy moo back down for her nap and noticed the tv and the PS3 was on. Then the PS3 turned off and Disney Junior turned on. Walk around the bed to daddy’s side and there is monster happily playing with the PS3 controller. He was also drenched with a huge puddle soaking into the carpet and smelling of beer.
I doubt monster had managed to get more than a mouthful or two at the most but he’d clearly managed a little bit judging from his unsteady walk down the hallway after he’d been caught. I gave him some food in the hopes that it would soak up what little beer he’d have managed to drink but it just goes to show how much silence is not golden when you have toddlers. It’s just plain scary!


Danielle’s Labour Story

Friday morning, hubby and I woke up at 5:30 am when my alarm went off. I reset it for quarter to six while we cuddled and talked about the coming day. We had to be at the hospital for induction at 7:30 am.  i made hubby breakfast and myself a cup of raspberry leaf tea. I was too nervous and excited to eat.
Mum came up to the house at 6:30 am to look after miss monkey and master monster while we left for the hospital. The drive into town was quiet and peaceful. We reached the maternity ward just before 7:30 am and were placed into a labour room within minutes of being there. We then waited around for an hour for someone to let us know what was happening.
A hospital midwife came in around 8:30 am to put me on a CTG machine to monitor baby. I was on it for half an hour before my own midwife arrived and checked my cervix to see how ready my body was for labour and to make the decision of whether to break my waters or to insert the gel used to induce labour. To everyone’s surprise, I was already 3-4 cm dilated and she could feel baby’s head easily.  She decided to break my waters. I had to stay on the CTG machine for the next half hour just to monitor baby and see if breaking my waters was enough to start contractions. I began to have some minor niggles in my back but nothing that showed on the CTG machine.
Just before 10 am I was finally allowed off the CTG machine while my midwife prepared the drip for my induction. Hubby and I went for a walk around the ward to get him a cup of coffee from the waiting room. Then it was back on the bed for the CTG machine and the drip to be inserted at 10:30 am. I was also informed at this time that I’ll have to be injected with an antibiotic once labour was established as my Strep B swab test had come back positive. After 15 minutes or so I was allowed to get off the bed and sit on my ball for a while as long as it didn’t interfere with the CTG machine monitoring baby and the contractions. By this time I had already started to feel the contractions started by the drip.
At 11:00 am, hubby, my midwife and I discussed whether he should leave to go pick up Mum and the kids to be there for the birth (something which could take an hour minimum) or whether there was no time. My midwife decided to check my cervix again so we could base our decision on that. I was 5-6 cm dilated and baby’s head was even further down than before. There would be no time for hubby to go pick up Mum and the kids before this baby was going to be born. My midwife increased the drip from 6 ml/hr to 12 ml/hr (second stage of drip induction) and the contractions started to get stronger. I managed to keep breathing through them for the next 45 minutes or so and then I began to need the gas to help get me through them. Within 10 minutes of beginning the gas I began to feel the urge to push as if I needed to do a painful poo. I made a small pained noise alerting my midwife and she came to check my cervix again. I was fully dilated and baby was crowning.
Just minutes after birth
Hubby switched on the camera on his phone and hurried into position so he could film the birth (video to be posted later). The back up midwife was sent for the house doctor who had requested to attend the birth for experience. She didn’t get to our room in time. Miss leprechaun was born within minutes of the first urge to push at 12:06 pm. she was placed straight on my chest and within 10 minutes was mouthing for her first feed.
Miss Leprechaun
While I fed her, I delivered the placenta and received stitches for the tear that was caused by the speed of the birth. After that, miss leprechaun was weighed and measured. She was 8 lb 5 oz and 53 cm long. My heaviest and longest baby yet.

Already an expect feeder

View birth video here.


Sony Vaio Laptop

In August last year, hubby bought me a brand new Sony Vaio laptop as a very early birthday present because I was sick of our HP laptop turning off every time the power cord was pulled out. It was lovely and light and fast and pink.
But in the last month it’s started falling apart. No where near a year old and the plastic around the hinges started breaking bits off. The pink cover on the lid kept unclipping and one of the inner metal hinges has completely come out from the inside. Then the base started to unclip as well.
Now, today, has come the final straw. The keyboard started playing up. The shift button wouldn’t work properly. Then the backspace button stopped working. And the @ sign would randomly press itself a few dozen times without prompting. It got to the stage where I just couldn’t type with it.
So I’m now back on the HP laptop and my pink Sony laptop is being sent for repairs, if it can be repaired, that is.
I don’t seem to have much luck with laptops.


Dying hair while pregnant

There is nothing quite like a change of hair colour to give a woman an upbeat feeling. Especially when she is heavily pregnant and feeling over it! Which is what I did today, and boy, do I feel so much happier. I didn’t go a huge difference in colour. I mostly just wanted to go a little darker for Autumn and to cover the grey hairs that had started to peep through again.
I’ve had grey hairs since just after having miss monkey but I’ve been dying my hair since I was 12 (you can thank my sister for that!). So every now and then, I like to have a bit of a change with my hair and since hubby doesn’t like me cutting my hair too short and too often, my only other option is to dye my hair!
New colour: chestnut brown
Now, there is a lot of controversy about dying your hair while pregnant. There are many in the “don’t do it” camp and many in the “it’s fine” camp and they aren’t just the mums discussing this. This can come from hair dressers and medical staff as well. The main concern is whether or not the chemicals used in dying hair affects the baby at all.
So just a couple of pointers if you’re wanting to dye your hair while you are pregnant:
  • When dying your hair yourself, check the ingredients and the warning labels of the dye you want to use. If you are at all worried about the chemicals in the hair dye, use a natural organic version. You can often find these in your local organic store.
  • When using a professional hair dresser, ask them what their policies are in regards to dying the hair of pregnant clients. Some hairdressers will do it and some will not. Also remember that each hair dresser will probably use different types of chemicals in their dyes and that may be the reason they will not dye the hair of pregnant clients.
  • Most importantly, if you are at all concerned about the affects of dying your hair while pregnant, talk to your leading maternity carer.

The Shark Steam Lite Mop

"Shark Steam Lite Mop" "product review" "amummyslifenz"
"Shark Steam Lite Mop" "product review" "amummyslifenz"
Shark Steam Lite Mop
My apologies to those who have been waiting for this post which I was meant to do on Wednesday. After my busy day with hospital appointments I just didn’t have the energy to do much housework then and so I decided to try out the steam mop on my usual mopping day which is Friday instead. So here it is.

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