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Introducing SmartStart

Introducing an exciting new online tool for expecting parents in New Zealand! Continue reading

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Hey, Newborn Dads!

Hey, Newborn Dads. Yeah, you. I want to talk to you. First of all, congratulations on your baby. I’m sure he or she is absolutely precious. But the girls and I? We’ve been talking and you know what? We need … Continue reading

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Celine’s Labour Story

So it occurred to me the other day when I was playing around with the page tabs for my blog that I have written up the labour story for all my babies but Celine. While I can only vaguely remember … Continue reading

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Isabella’s Labour Story

Just for those who are interested in reading labour stories, here is Isabella’s exciting one! We’ll start with the weekend. All weekend off and on I had been having a series of Braxton Hicks. They are cramp like tightenings similar … Continue reading

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Danielle’s Labour Story

Friday morning, hubby and I woke up at 5:30 am when my alarm went off. I reset it for quarter to six while we cuddled and talked about the coming day. We had to be at the hospital for induction … Continue reading

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Blake’s Birth Story

Remember that crazy day I just posted about earlier this week? It turned into an even crazier week! (TMI warning again) So after my last post, that same Sunday night, guess what starts again? The leakage. This time I go … Continue reading

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