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Hi and welcome to AMummysLifeNZ. I’m Patricia and I’m the Mummy Blogger behind this blog. View my AMummysLifeNZ Media Kit here otherwise, find out all about me below!

Meet The Family

I am a wife to an awesome husband (I guess every mum blogger says that, huh?) and the crazy mother of four (yes, four) quirky children. Celine is our 8 year old. You’ll find a lot about her on this blog because she has a condition called Legg-Calve Perthes Disease. Next comes 4 year old Blake, our only son. Third comes Danielle (Dani), at 3 years old, and last in the pecking order is Isabella (Bella), our baby.


I began this blog in January 2011. It was originally powered on Blogger but like many bloggers I have recently switched to WordPress. I’ve had to remove a lot of older posts during this process but none of the really important ones. This blog started as a way for me to express my thoughts when trying to conceive Blake, throughout pregnancy and also weight loss. It has since turned into a motherhood and family life blog with recipes and reviews thrown in.

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My children. Photo by Freedom Photography in 2016

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