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Happy New Year 2018! I have been a little quiet on here for the last couple of weeks. In fact this is my first post on the blog for the new year! I decided to take a small deliberate break before actually starting my 7th year of blogging! If you missed the last Family Friday post then you can read it here!

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First of all! Happy new year for 2018! We didn’t really do much to celebrate the year change. The kids got to have a little celebration waving around a couple of sparklers each. But that’s pretty much the extent of our New Year’s Eve celebration. I think I managed to see in the year change but only because I was dealing with Isabella at the time. But only just.

Blog Anniversary

I started blogging on the 4th January 2011. That makes this my 7th year of blogging. Yes, you read that correctly! My 7th year. It doesn’t feel that long but it is.

Back To Work

After 2 weeks off, Eugene & I went back to work this week. Although technically, Eugene worked last week since he was on call and had callouts in that time. The kids still have another week or two to go before kindy and school restart for the year.

Anatomy Scan

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20 week anatomy scan. Front on face.

We had our anatomy scan yesterday. Baby is now 20 weeks along and showed to be super happy and healthy and growing well. Baby is also very active although I can’t really feel much of what it’s doing. We did find out the gender but for the moment we’re keeping it a surprise until I can organise a special gender reveal for the kids.

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