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Eugene joins me on our weight loss journey, we join a gym and Bella leaves the hair chair behind as she joins us at the table! As usual for a Friday I am sharing my weeks highs and lows for another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here!

amummyslifenzWe Joined A Gym

Eugene & I joined a gym this week. Neither of us have been to a gym since the year I was pregnant with Celine. So about 10 years ago. Eugene is a full member and plans to go most days before work. I went with him on Monday to support him on his first workout and got one in for myself. But I’m only going to be a part-time member and only attending in the weekends. The bonus of this gym is that it’s a swim gym which means it has all the gym machines etc for a workout and then you can go swim laps for extra exercise. Of course I’m still paying for my workout on Monday but hey! It’s a good pain and I can still walk.

Eugene Is Joining Me

Eugene has apparently been watching my progress over the last few months. Because he has decided that it’s time to get back in shape and lose the junk food belly. Backstory: every time I got pregnant with one of our children, Eugene would put on sympathy weight. However, unlike myself, who tried to lose the pregnancy weight afterwards, Eugene never has. So this is a huge decision for him. He has decided to try the Isagenix programme to jump start his weight loss journey. I wasn’t particularly happy with the cost of this programme but I fully support him in doing this.

Another Loss

Speaking of weight loss, I’ve lost more weight. As of yesterday I am now down 13.3 kg. Now, I am not doing any fancy programme. I am just making healthier food choices and walking the dogs on a daily basis. I use both MyFitnessPal to log my food diary and Fitbit to monitor my exercise. I plan to use my weekend gym membership to add in my strength work that I’m lacking to help with the toning of my body. It may take longer than Eugene’s programme will but I’m happy with that. Slow and steady wins the race and all that.


Bella eating at the table

No More High Chair

We said goodbye to the high chair this week. Bella sat on a proper chair at the table for a meal the first time last week on Thursday. After a few more meals we’ve decided to make it a permanent change and the highchair got added to the skip.

Bye Skip

Speaking of the skip. That was taken away this week even fuller than the last one. It will be a while before we get another one because I don’t really have any really large rooms to sort out now. Just minor areas like cupboards, dressing tables, toy boxes etc.


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10 Responses to We Joined A Gym! | Friday Favourites

  1. Thanks for linking up, I have been going to the gym not so much since Christmas. Its cos the kids are home and the juggle struggle is just too realllll.

  2. Kate Taylor says:

    Fantastic post and such good inspo! Thanks for posting about your gym re-joining journey. I had great plans to kick my butt into shape for a wedding I’m attending in Oz in February but it hasn’t happened – oops! It’s ok though, I know I’ll have a great time and it’s no biggie, but seeing this post made me pumped and excited to visit the gym again too!

  3. Brenda says:

    it’s better when you have a partner. I am doing yoga these days.

  4. Martha says:

    That’s great that you and hubby joined together for exercising to help each other and give support. Congrats on your weight loss so far and healthy eating plays a big part.

  5. Dog walking is good for both the owner and doggies. Good for the two of you to get motivated about good health. A gym can certainly add to a fitness plan.

  6. Clare says:

    How exciting you and your husband can go to the gym together now! My goal this year is to get rid of the post pregnancy baby weight – for the last time! I can’t afford the full gym membership though. I can a 10 pass to treat myself every now and again (as they have child care) the rest of the time I try and be creative of ways to have fun exercising with the kids. I love swimming for exercise.

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