Blake’s Recovery | An Update On Blake After Surgery

It’s been 3 days since Blake’s eye correction surgery. So I thought it was about time I updated you on how Blake’s recovery has gone. To be completely honest, the recovery has gone much better than the post-surgery had.

Monday Night

All Blake wanted to do when we got home was go straight to bed. Which was fine with us. Eugene & I were so exhausted from the emotional strain that we pretty much went straight to bed ourselves.


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Blake went back to school this morning.

Blake woke up a bit frightened. He had trouble opening his eyes first thing. I wiped his eyes gently with a wipe to remove the grit buildup and after awhile he could open his eyes again. I gave him a dose of pamol every 4 hours as per the nurse’s instructions to help with any post-surgery pain.

For the most part, however, Blake was back to his normal self already. I kept him quiet with movies and cartoons for the most part in the morning and then downloaded a game on my phone for him to play in the afternoon. Even his appetite was back to normal since he ate everything I had put in his lunchbox to snack on plus more from the cupboard before I’d even finished dropping off Celine at school, Danielle at kindy and walked the dogs.


Again, Blake was fine. He had another dose of pamol in the morning and that was it for the rest of the day. He wasn’t near as hungry on Wednesday as he was on Tuesday. But that would have been because he was making up for not being allowed to eat all day Monday.


Blake decided he was ready for school today. So off he went. The only concern I had with his eyes is that they are still a little red in the inner corners of his eyes were the surgery was done. But his eyes seem to be much straighter than they were before and I’m fairly pleased with the results of his surgery. We go back for a checkup at the hospital in 6 weeks time.

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