Blake’s Corrective Surgery Update

Yesterday, Blake had his consultancy appointment at the hospital for corrective surgery on his eye. We had been waiting for this appointment for the last 4 months because it’s an important one. So important that Eugene even took the morning off work to attend the appointment with Blake and myself.

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Waiting for the surgeon to make his surgery calculations.

A nurse did some sight distance tests similar to the specialist that Blake has been under for the last year or so. Then the surgeon did more similar tests using other tools. What his tests needed to diagnose was the degree in which Blake’s eyes has to be corrected by. He tested this both with Blake’s glasses on and with them off. The decision being that he would do the corrective surgery to the degree that Blake’s glasses represent to prevent overcorrecting too much.

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Playing pirates by covering his strongest eye

The result of this surgery will hopefully mean that Blake will not need his glasses much during his childhood. With the exception for when he is reading books etc as his distance sight is a lot better. The surgeon did also say that Blake will most likely need to restart wearing glasses full time again in his early to mid-adulthood.

The surgery itself needs to be done on both his eyes. It will involve Blake going under general anesthetic to loosen up his inner eye muscles which control the inward turning movement. It is considered a day surgery but the procedure itself should only take an hour or so. We have been put on the waiting list for this surgery and have an expected wait time of four months.

In the meantime the surgeon has requested that Blake not wear his glasses from now until the surgery. Instead he is to wear a patch over his strongest eye at the time for an hour each day.

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