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By now, I’m sure you all have read about our adventure from last Friday. If you haven’t, then you can read it here. The short story version however, we had to take Nana to the hospital for her legs. She was admitted for both legs and a concern of heart failure. It was after 9 pm before Isabella and myself finally left the hospital. It was dark and the car was low in petrol. I needed to refill the tank if I wanted to make the 40 km drive home again safely. I didn’t want to either drag Isabella out of her car seat in the dark for the few minutes to pay for the petrol. Nor did I want to leave her alone in the car in the dark by herself. It was then that I thought of the BPMe app.

What Is It & Where Did I Hear About It?

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Home screen of the BPMe app.

I had seen advertisements around our local BP for the BPMe app. Which is a pay as you go service app that allows you to pay for the petrol you need at a BP petrol station before you even step out of the car. Everything is done on your phone. Which considering the situation I was in on Friday night, this sounded perfect to me.

I downloaded the app before heading to the petrol station and set it up with all the details required. This is your name, phone number, email, credit card or fuel card details, and if you are an AA smartfuel member, your AA smartfuel card number. You also need to give permission for the BPMe app to use your phone’s GPS.

How Does The BPMe App Work?

Once at the petrol station, when you open the BPMe app it automatically locates the BP station that you are at. By clicking on the first screen you can start the process to pay for the fuel. If you have entered your AA smartfuel card number then you will be shown how much fuel discount you have available. You can choose to either redeem or accumulate them in this step.

After that you select the pump you are parked at, the amount you wish to fill up with, and then to the confirm the process. If you wish to just fill the tank, you can. However the BPMe app only has a maximum limit of $125 which would be fine for most cars. My car requires closer to $150 to fill the tank so $125 only gave me 3/4 of a tank. But that was plenty enough for my current needs.

Once confirmed, the BPMe app then moves to a “filling in progress” screen until you have filled up with the specified amount. For safety reasons you must leave the phone in the car at all times during this process. Once you have filled your tank with the specified amount, hop back in the car. You will now have the option to either view receipt or select done. Now you’re done. You can leave! All without ever having to step foot inside.

Does It Do Anything Else?

Apart from the actual paying of petrol, you can also locate the nearest BP Station. Helpful if you are in an unknown area. You are also able scan your Wild Bean Cafe loyalty key tag. You will also receive alerts when an AA smartfuel special is on at the BP so you can plan your filling days. Also, if you do not end up using the entire $125 to fill the car, it will return the unused balance back to your account. This may take a couple of days, however.

My Thoughts

This app was honestly a lifesaver the first time that I used it. As a mother who hates having to undo and redo a 5 strap car seat harness and drag a gaggle of kids into the station shop for 5 minutes just to pay for petrol, it definitely hits a huge market. I have used it a couple of times since then and each time meant that I wasn’t having to remove Isabella from her seat and enter the store. It also works out much faster having paid on the spot.

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