Wonder Woman | Movie Review

My thoughts about the new Marvel movie Wonder Woman. Is it worth seeing? Did I like it? Would I recommend seeing it?

Wonder Woman Storyline

"amummyslifenz" "wonder woman" "movie review"Diana flashes back from modern day to her childhood and her early adulthood with her Amazon Queen mother. Her mother often tells her stories  of the war of the war between Zeus and Ares over the fate of mankind and the special weapon the Zeus created to kill Ares should he ever return from his injuries. Once an adult, Diana realises that she is different to the other Amazons without fully understanding why. Suddenly mankind crosses through the magic boarder separating the Amazon woman from the rest of the world and Diana finds herself entrenched in the war to end all wars and beginning the journey that makes her the Wonder Woman we know and love today.

What I liked About Wonder Woman

I liked that Wonder Woman introduces a strong female hero without the need to make her sexualised to do it. I also like that she was able to save the world with the help of males and not excluding them or making them act like the weaker gender or idiots. There was no male bashing at all. Diana was in fact a  completely relatable character.

The storyline was interesting without it coming across as cheesy and played smoothly from start to end. Animations and graphics fit well within the storyline.  Action scenes weren’t overpowering but were enough to keep the male half interested in the movie.

There was even some light humour throughout the movie.

What I didn’t Like About Wonder Woman

I don’t know that there was anything I didn’t like about Wonder Woman in all honesty. She is a strong character, with a strong storyline in a well acted movie.

Wonder Woman Is Suitable For?

I’d place the new Wonder Woman movie as suitable for mature audiences only. Both men and women will enjoy it.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I do not receive compensation for the review of this movie. I am not affiliated with Marvel in any way except as a consumer of their movies. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

"amummyslifenz" "movie review"

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