3 Binge Worthy Shows You Have To Watch Now!

Small confession. Eugene & I love watching binge worthy shows on the weekends. We send the kids to go play or watch their own shows in the lounge. Don’t worry, we keep an eye on them and check on them often. Settle on the bed and binge on our current favourite shows at the time. This is made easier for us because of the Smart TV Box that we sell. It allows us to stream any show that’s out, even the ones that isn’t out in New Zealand  television screens yet! So, when they do finally get here, remember, I said they were absolutely binge worthy first! Fair warning, none of these shows are child friendly.

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This was quite a strange show, but Eugene & I were totally hooked. It’s relatively new. There is only one season out. But it is definitely binge worthy! The whole first season is virtually about the coming war between the ancient gods and the new gods. You can spend the entire season trying to guess who one of the main characters really is (although you do finally find out in the last episode). It did take me a couple of episodes to work out what was actually happening but if you can stick with it, it’s worth watching.

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There are 2 seasons for this one. A super rich multi-billionaire faces off against the Head of Justice who is determined to put him in jail for insider trading. Their conflict is made even more complicated by the wife of the Head Of Justice who works for the billionaire. As their hatred of each other grows both families end up in turmoil and both dive into illegal means to trap the other.

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This is a new one. There is only one season available to watch but it’ll hook you from the very first one. A despondent alcoholic lawyer gets dragged into civil suit between the sister of a presumed suicide victim and the company he works for. The catch? The lawyer firm he squares off with is a giant. The one that he and his old business partner built together before his partner got rid of him. Things get more complicated by the constant attacks from a hired ex-FBI to try and sabotage his efforts to bring the case to court.

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  1. Nice review of the three shows you like to binge on. I love Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

  2. The last thing (actually, the only thing) I ever binge-watched was Breaking Bad, a few summers ago. I’m an educator and have summers off, so that helps! If you haven’t watched that one, I would highly suggest it!
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  3. We’ve watched Goliath (loved it) and moved to Bosch, but Billions is a great idea. Now we know what to watch next. Thank you!

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