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Eugene & I went to see the new sequel to the 50 Shades of Grey movie, 50 Shades Darker last night (seeing as it was Valentine’s Day and all). Now, I’ve seen the first movie and I’ve read all the books a few times. So I want to share our thoughts on the movie with you.

"amummyslifenz" "50 shades darker" "50 shades of grey" "movie review"Too Much Sex

While I realise that the book is much worse with the number of sex scenes in it compared to the movie AND that the whole thing is virtually just about sex to start with, there comes a point in the movie when it kind of gets too much and just the mere suggestion would have been better than the actually physical viewing of it. It starts to lose the romantic side of it and becomes a bit too soft porn instead. It also distracted the viewer from the storyline that the movie is meant to be telling. Of course, that may be just personal preference since Eugene & I are the type of people who tend to skip those scenes in the shows we watch on netflix or lightbox.

Key Moments Of The Book

Sex scenes aside, I do feel that they managed to show most of the key moments of the story in the movie though I also feel like they left out a couple as well. I also feel like there were a few scenes they could have left out of the movie although they didn’t.

Vs 50 Shades Of Grey

I can’t tell it is was better or worse than the first movie. I remember enjoying the first movie but was still a little disappointed in it when we saw it. And I kind of feel the same way. It was a fairly reasonable movie. The acting wasn’t too bad if a little cheesy at times.

The Book Is Still Better

Again, this is just a personal preference, but I usually feel like this when they make a book into a movie simply because what I imagine to characters of the story to look and act like as I read doesn’t necessarily translate to how the movie is produced and acted.


Have you seen 50 Shades Darker yet? What did you think of it?

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