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Don’t like the messy burnt bottoms of your pot when popping popcorn? Find the microwave bags easier but always as healthy? Hate plugging in the air popper? Have you tried the Zap Chef Poppin’ Corn yet?

I picked up a Zap Chef Poppin’ Corn from The Warehouse for $29 a couple of weeks ago. But this week is the first time I’ve actually gotten around to use it because this is the first time I’ve bought the corn kernels in a while to pop. I usually buy the microwave bag versions to put into the kids’ lunchboxes. They last me a few days but tend to be stale by the time the bag is actually finished.

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Zap Chef Poppin’ Corn

How The Zap Chef Poppin’ Corn Works

Very easy to use. Just put the amount of corn kernels into the bowl that you wish to pop. Secure the lid. Put into the microwave for 2 minutes (the box says 90 seconds but I find 2 minutes works better). Enjoy!

No added butter. Most definitely no oil. Just plain delicious healthy air popped popcorn, in the amount you want, without wastage. So simple, even your kids can do it!

Is It Safe?

The Zap Chef Poppin’ Corn is very safe. The container is cool to the touch when you remove it from the microwave while the popcorn is nice and warm inside.

The container is BPA free and can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.


This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with The Warehouse or Zap Chef in any way other than as a consumer. All thoughts in this post is of my own opinion about a product that I felt was worth sharing.

"amummyslifenz" "product review"

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9 Responses to Zap Chef Poppin’ Corn | Product Review

  1. V.J.Maheu says:

    Oh, I love popcorn, though I think a small amount of butter really improves the flavor!
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    • I love butter on mine too. But butter is not practical in the kids lunchboxes. Plain works best for that. I add the yummy flavours to when they have ot at home instead.

  2. LadyInRead says:

    this definitely looks like something i could use.. Like Roy mentions, trying to avoid the bagged microwavable type.. so will look for this for myself soon..

  3. Martha says:

    That’s very clever and looks like quite a saving from buying all the pouches. I have a hot air popper that takes regular popcorn. A large bag was only a few dollars compared to more than that for 6 pre-packaged pages. Since I love butter, I melt my butter in a little dish on top of my popper.

  4. I have a similar device. But, mine takes 2 minutes 20 seconds to provide me my special snack. (Oh, and i add 1/2 tsp of margarine to my cup of popcorn kernels. Just enough to keep them moist).

    Oh, and NO bagged microwavable popcorn. I prefer my chemicals to stay in the lab.
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