Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire Whiskey | How We Drink It

Eugene & I love a good whiskey and we’re currently in love with the latest Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire Whiskey made with cinnamon flavouring. This whiskey is so smooth and so easy to drink that a bottle really doesn’t last long at all! But… how do you drink whiskey? Let alone a cinnamon flavoured one? Glad you asked! Here’s how Eugene & I drink it. Some of these are traditional ways. Others came about through desperation as a delightful surprise.

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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire Whiskey

Straight Fire Whiskey Or On The Rocks

Hardy drinkers (which Eugene & I are not, in fact we don’t drink all that often these days. Just the odd drink with dinner mostly) will often drink their whiskey straight or on the rocks (over ice) without mixers. Most whiskeys I CANNOT handle drunk this way. I NEED a mixer. Jack Daniel’s Fire Whiskey on the other hand? I could drink the bottle straight. It tastes that good all by itself.

Traditional Mixers

The standard cola and lemonade mixers will be well known among whiskey drinkers. Both taste equally delicious although I prefer lemonade with the Fire Whiskey over the cola.

Not So Traditional Mixers

Now, this is the stuff that came out of Eugene & I wanting a drink but not having the traditional mixers to drink our Fire Whiskey with.

Ginger Ale

Yip, Fire Whiskey actually isn’t that bad with ginger ale. Not as good as lemonade or cola but definitely drinkable at a pinch. Don’t knock it unless you try it at any rate.

Apple Juice

Yes, apple juice. Get the mix right and it tastes just like warm apple pie! This is seriously my new favourite way to drink Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire Whiskey which is funny. Because we only tried it with apple juice when there was absolutely no other mixer to drink it with! Now, I buy apple juice just to drink the Fire Whiskey with!

How do you drink your whiskey?

This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with Jack Daniel’s in anyway except as a consumer of their product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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