Decorating Your Home With Pixers

Recently I got asked to do a review on a home decorating website called Pixers. Pixers provides a range of customisable decorative options for brightening up your home or office ranging from wallpapers, wall murals, prints, posters and stickers.

The Range

Of course to be able to properly review a product from Pixers I needed to pick a product from the website. I was given a budget to work with. My first dilemma was what to choose?! Pixers has a HUGE range to choose from and I literally spent a few hours browsing the huge content available. Between the wall murals, the wallpaper and the stickers for doors, windows, laptops and so much more, I had trouble narrowing down what I wanted.

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My Youtube background before applying my chosen sticker.

I finally decided on a sticker to go on the wall as a background to the shelf I use in my chatty videos for Youtube. Which became my second dilemma. Trying to choose from thousands of fantastic designs and images from the stickers and available! I wanted something that looked interesting and attractive but would blend in with my youtube background nicely. In the end I narrowed my choice down to a gorgeous cherry blossom tree being blown by the wind.

Using The Product

Once I had made my choice and gone through the payment process Pixers took about 3-4 days to make my sticker into my customised specifications and then a further 3-4 working days to arrive from Germany.

"amummyslifenz" "decorating your home with pixers" "pixers" "wall sticker"

After applying my Pixers sticker to my wall.

My next task was to put it up. This was a three step process. First I had to make sure that the wall space I was putting the sticker on was clean and dry. Second I had to slowly pull the backing sheet off the sticker while applying it smoothly to my wall, making sure that there were no bubbles or kinks. Lastly, I needed to remove the protective top sheet cover from the sticker carefully without disturbing the sticker underneath. This was both a slow process and a tricky one as the sticker I chose was made up of several smaller stickers to make up the whole scene.

The end result came out spectacularly even if I do say so myself! And I do. Eugene and my children were very impressed with it. It looked especially nice once the rest of my youtube background was put back into place.

"amummyslifenz" "pixers" "wall sticker" "decorating your home with pixers"

The complete Youtube background effect with my Pixers sticker.

Decorating Your Home With Pixers?

For the next month, you can buy your own Pixers decor with 40% off using the code “PATRICIA”. But hurry you only have until the 10th of January 2018 to use it!

The above post is sponsored. I received recompense through the product that I have reviewed however all opinions and thoughts are my own. I will not receive any compensation from any links or the discount code when used.

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  1. Vidya Tiru says:

    this looks cool and will definitely be something my 11 yo will want for her room!! and stopping by your blog today in an effort to catch up with bloggers i connected with during earlier challenges (UBC, in our case)..
    also, i have nominated you for the black and white blog photo challenge over on my blog and no worries if you cannot take part but do hop on over to have a look at the challenge 🙂

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