Our Family Trip To Wellington

We’re home safe and sound after our family trip to Wellington this weekend. As fun as it was to go on holiday, it feels really good to be back home again! It’s even better having everyone back into their own rooms and beds again too!

Our Family Trip To Wellington

"amummyslifenz" "our family trip" "wellington sign"If you’re reading from UBC or from overseas, Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. It’s located at the very bottom of the North Island placing it near as close to the center of New Zealand as it can get.

It took us a little over 3 hours to drive from our house in Central Hawkes Bay to our motel in central Wellington. That’s with only one toilet/coffee stop. Not bad considering we were travelling with 4 kids. I prepared well with packed lunch boxes for everyone which helped immensely. We left early on the Friday morning and arrived just on lunch time.


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Heading into Te Papa Museum.

Our first exploration was on Friday afternoon to the Te Papa Museum. Te Papa is massive with lots to explore. The kids especially enjoyed the interactive displays that were located throughout the exhibits. It took us a couple of hours to explore it all. Unfortunately most of the photos I took and all of the footage were corrupted by my phone overheating so I won’t be able to show this properly on the videos when I get them edited and uploaded.

After that we stopped at the supermarket to pick up some snack foods and breakfast items before heading back to our motel room to chill for a couple of hours. We took the kids to Genghis Khan  (a mongolian restaurant) for dinner and then it was bed for the younger kids and devices for Celine and us adults.


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Completing a puzzle of one of the animals at the Wellington Zoo.

After breakfast on Saturday we headed straight out to the Wellington Zoo. It was the first time that the younger 3 kids have ever been to a proper zoo and the first time that Celine has been to one since she was 2 or 3 years old. The kids loved seeing all the wild and exotic animals and drifted from each habitat excitedly to the next.

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Troll sculpture outside The Weta Cave

McDonalds for lunch and then off to The Weta Cave for a quick explore. The Weta Cave is a little shop with a mini museum of all the film productions that the Weta Workshop have been involved with. The mini museum is free to enter. We would have liked to have gone on the official tours but we hadn’t booked ahead of time and the next available spot wasn’t until the middle of the afternoon.

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The Beehive and Parliament Buildings

Next on the list was the Beehive and the other parliament buildings! This is where our New Zealand Government conduct their business. We got there just in time to join one of the weekend highlight tours so the kids got a free mini education into how laws are made in New Zealand. No cell phones or cameras are allowed inside for security reasons so I couldn’t take any photos or footage from the inside although I got plenty from the outside.

We took a quick drive through the Botanic Gardens and then went back to the motel for the rest of the afternoon. Dinner was fish & chips that we had delivered to the room.


"amummyslifenz" "our family trip" "plimmerton"

On a playground in Plimmerton.

After a lazy morning, we packed up our car of all our stuff and left central Wellington for the outskirts to visit a friend who we haven’t seen in years. The guys went to get lunch while the kids and us ladies went to the park to let the kids expend some energy.

After lunch and a good catch up, we said our goodbyes and began our journey home again. It took a bit longer this time because we made a few stops along the way. The first was for coffee and a petrol refill. Our second stop was for cheap fruit and vegetables at a local greenery store. A toilet stop made for the third one and the supermarket for an easy dinner and lunch box items was the final stop before we finally got home.

That’s pretty much our family trip in a nutshell although I will expand on some of the places we visited a little later in the week as a hot spot review. Today also marks the last day of the school holidays. Which means back to school and kindergarten for the older 3 kids in the morning. For which this exhausted Mama cannot wait!

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