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It’s ALL over the New Zealand social media. Everyone has been talking about it and if you haven’t been? You should be! I’m talking about kiwi brand Pepper & Me spices and pastes.

What is Pepper & Me?

Pepper & Me is run my Cherie who started making her products to help herself and other mums with their breastmilk flow when she had her own little girl, Pepper. Her Whatevz Mum Salt is chock full of herbs which are designed to help with milk flow and her pastes are also suitably designed.

Of course, you don’t have to be breastfeeding to enjoy the delicious taste of Pepper & Me products. They are suitable for the whole family and there is even a Man’s set of spices which are awesome for bbqs and so much more.

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My entire Pepper & Me set. As you can see, I have the whole lot!

Rubs & Grinds

Pepper & Me have one rub spice, Man Rub, which is great for rubbing into meat or seasoning potato or kumara fries with. Then there are two grind type spices for which you need a grinder for: the Whatevz Mum Salt that I’ve already mentioned; and the Man Grind. I tend to use the Whatevz Mum Salt for almost everything since it’s not too spicy for the kids. The Man Grind is just a little too spicy for them so I tend to put it on the meals that are just for Eugene & I rather than the whole family.


There are three paste flavours available: Mo’rocckin My Milk, Mexellent Milkshakes, and Tit’illating Tandoori. So far my favourites tend to be the moroccan and the tandoori as they are the ones that I use the most out of at the moment. The mexican paste is yummy but I find it just a bit limited for  the flavouring my meals with. I need to get more creative with it.

Is it worth the purchase?

Can I just say? HELL YES! My cooking has improved a heck of alot more since I started using the Pepper & Me range. The kids love it. Eugene is loving it. I love it. Each product is so versatile and I’m already planning to restock some of the items that I’m running low on.

This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated in any way with Pepper & Me. I do not receive any compensation for you purchasing their products through my recommendation. I am simply a customer who enjoyed their products.

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