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We’ve had the Lulla Doll for a couple of weeks now so I thought it was time I gave you a little review specifically on how the doll is working for us and what I like and don’t like about it.

What is the Lulla Doll?

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Bella cuddling her Lulla Doll.

I’ve actually been asked this a few times whenever I’ve mentioned our Lulla Doll to one of our friends or family members. So for everyone else who doesn’t know yet, the Lulla doll is a special doll designed to help babies and toddlers sleep better on their own.

How Does It Work?

It has a special material designed to absorb the smell of Mummy or Daddy when worn close to the skin for a couple of hours before giving it to the child in question. Inside is a small sound box which plays 8 hours of both breathing and a heart beat which is designed to sooth the child into sleeping. The sound box can be removed when washing the doll.

Where Can I Get One?

I got out Lulla Doll from SleepyTot NZ. It is a little pricy at NZD 110 but they are the official distributor in New Zealand. You can also find them on sites like Trademe and Buy & Sell pages on Facebook but they will usually be second hand.

My Thoughts On The Lulla Doll

If you are expecting an overnight miracle? Don’t. There is no such thing. However I do feel like our doll is a little miracle in itself. It’s the small successes that has improved life for me as a mother.

Before Lulla

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Bella refusing to sleep in her own bed every night.

When we first bought the doll, Bella was waking up every hour in her bed and pretty much refusing to actually sleep there. By midnight we would give up and bring her in our bed just to get some form of sleep. She would only go to sleep in our arms and getting her into her bed once she was asleep was pretty dicy at best. The actual night of the purchase I was in tears from the exhaustion and frustration of it.

Don’t even get me started on her naps. We were lucky to even get 10 minutes with her asleep. And  that was only if we were holding her.

After Lulla

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Bella sleeping peacefully with her Lulla Doll

It started with an actual 30 minute nap on the couch. That night, she actually slept a whole two hours in her own bed and then another hour with a quick cuddle. After a second hour long cuddle she slept a further two hours before she came into our bed.

The next day, she had a TWO hour nap. TWO hours! Come bedtime, she slept for four hours on her own before her first wake up.

Two weeks on and now I can tuck her into bed for the night with her doll and she will go to sleep of her own accord. I still have to be in the room but I don’t have to be right by her bed, rocking and cuddling her to sleep. She also sleeps for about six hours straight before her first wake up. We are just working on getting her to stay in her bed for the rest of the night.

Her nap times are now up to THREE hours long. I still have to fight to get her to actually sleep. But once she’s down, she’s out for the count anywhere between one to three hours depending on the day.

The Only Negative

The only real negative for me is the number of batteries that we go through. The sound box takes two AAA batteries and is meant to last for seven sessions of eight hours. However, since Bella knows how to turn it on whenever she likes, we seem to need to replace our batteries every couple of days instead.

Things To Keep In Mind

Lulla is designed for babies and toddlers aged from newborn to four years old. When dealing with toddlers and older children, Lulla works best when the child has built a rapport with it. If the child in question doesn’t like it or want to play with it then the doll might not work for you. I was very lucky that Bella took to Lulla straight away.

As I mentioned above, it is not an overnight miracle. We are only two weeks in and I fully expect another two weeks at least before we will get a complete night’s sleep out of Bella in her own bed. It’s the small changes in Bella’s sleeping that I view as a success for us.

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