I Feel Like Such A Slacker!

I feel like such a slacker! I’m the queen at having Christmas presents and birthday presents all sorted by the middle of the year! With 4 children to provide for at Christmas and 2 of those children with birthdays in DECEMBER it’s kind of necessary for the ease of the budget. But this year, I’ve done absolutely NOTHING to prepare! Such a slacker!

I have decided on one thing however. I feel like my children have gotten WAY too many toys in their lives. So I want to change things a little. Last year, a mummy blogger that I follow (and am friends with through Isabella’s due group), Jordan from With The Whittakers introduced me to an interesting concept that I want to give a try this year. Basically each child gets 4 presents at Christmas. Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. I love the idea behind this concept so I want to give it a go.

Something They Want

This will more than likely end up being a toy for us. But this is basically the item that you hear your child begging for all year long. Kind of hard for me to figure out for my children simply because they don’t actually get to watch a lot of toy adverts on television. So I will have to figure it out by what their interests are when I finally go to the shops.

Something They Need

This is an item that you think they need in their lives. It can be anything from something practical to something frivolous. It would depend on the child in question to start with.

Something To Wear

I’m sure this one is really obvious to everyone. This present is just a new outfit to wear. The biggest question for me would be which season should I buy for! They are kind of spoilt for choice for summer wear (NZ Christmas falls in summer) so I’m thinking something more in line for winter this year. Another month or two and I should be able to pick up some winter outfits on special as they go out of season.

Something To Read

Ironically, this is something I do most years, anyway! Our family (well except for Eugene) are fairly big readers. My children love books even from babyhood. So this present will be fairly easy to sort out! My biggest issue will be not going overboard with it!

Of course, my children will still be spoilt for choice. They will still be expecting the usual presents from Santa in their santa sacks. And they usually get a parting gift from Jingles our Elf on a Shelf as well on Christmas Eve that is full of goodies and activities to keep them busy that day. So now I just need to figure out, how to play the birthday presents.

Are you ready for Christmas? What presents are you thinking of for your children? Give me a few ideas!

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  1. Martha says:

    I like this idea! When my children were young (over 40 years ago) that’s about what we did without realizing it. I see so many kids getting loaded down with gifts and I wonder if it’s more for the parents. LOL
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