Magpie Kids

We’re dealing with a rather frustrating issue in our family. It’s small, but it is quite a serious one. I seem to have a couple of magpie kids and I’m not quite sure how to deal with it. Especially since it’s not just at home.

What Do I Mean By A Magpie Kid?

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One of Blake’s favourite hiding places for his magpie tendencies.

Essentially by using the term magpie kid, I mean that the child in question has developed a habit of taking something that doesn’t belong to them and hiding it away in their bedroom. Usually it’s something from my home office. Often it can be an item from my bedroom. Recently it has started being something from school.

The main culprit is Blake. Although Celine has also shown this trait particularly with my jewellery, make up and nail polish, and my craft supplies. Blake however doesn’t seem to show any rhyme or reason with the things he takes. He just seems to take it. He’s taken: Eugene’s tools (screwdrivers etc), my office stapler, christmas decorations, my kitchen scissors, condoms, Celine’s tablet, my wooden spoons, eggs, my car keys, the play cellphone from school, his teacher’s lego batman and car… and the list goes on.

How Do I Deal With It?

Good question. I’m stumped. I seriously have no friggin idea on how to deal with my magpie kid. At school he has made it one of his SOL goals with his teacher not to steal. And I check his school bag with his teacher before he leaves the classroom at the end of the day. So his teacher and I are working together on that front. At home we check his room at bedtime every night to remove the things that he has taken and hidden away. We have already done the fake police call. It seems to have really hit him how serious this issue is to us.

But how do we actually stop him from doing it in the first place?

A friend of mine has suggested a chore chart with monetary rewards. The idea behind this is to teach him to save up for the things that he wants rather than just taking it. I’m not sure how this will work out. But I’m in the process of researching it and working out how to apply it to my kids. I hope to have something in place by the end of the weekend.

Have You Got Any Suggestions?

Have you dealt with this issue before with your own children? How did you deal with it? I’d really love your help and suggestions with this.

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