How To Keep Your House Clean?

A little bit of humour for you courtesy of my kids and one of their games. How to keep your house clean? Lock the kids outside. Just be prepared for them to find other ways back inside to mess it up again.

How To Keep Your House Clean

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How to keep your house clean? Lock the kids outside! Unfortunately, they find other ways in.

A Note To The Sanctimommies

Now, before the sanctimommies decide to jump in and have a go at me, the kids were just playing a game. They asked me to lock the door on them while I was vacuuming the lounge. Specifically so they could try to open the door with the old set of keys that they play with. You know, that spare set that doesn’t open anything.

They then proceeded to run around the house trying every window and door to try and sneak back in. All with smiles on their faces and laughter from their throat. And they repeated this game a few times before getting bored of it.


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