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There’s a lot about motherhood that people won’t tell you. The drama’s, the love, the hate, the anger, the pure joy, the heartache. So here are some of my confessions on what life is like for me as a mum.

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Confessions Of A Mum

  • Most of the time I love my children. But some days? Some days I can REALLY hate them. I hate they way they argue with me about the simplest instruction. It annoys me everytime one of them backchats me. There are days when I really want to smack them to kingdom come. Instead, I send them to their room to give me a breather.
  • There is nothing better than a pair of little arms wrapping around your neck and a pair of tiny wet lips pressing against yours. Until it isn’t. The first few times are magic and loveable and heartwarming. But it never stops at a couple. They do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until all I want to do is climb the walls and hide on the roof to get away from them.
  • My favourite times of the day aren’t when my children are home. It’s the 6 hours that Celine and Blake are at school, Danielle is at kindergarten and Isabella is taking one of her rare 2 hour naps. My other favourite time is when all 4 children are sound asleep. Those are the times of day that I can refresh my mood. Take a deep breath and get things done.
  • There are blissful moments when my children play nicely together. Beautiful games of their own imagination where they all get along and play happily and peacefully. Moments when they leave me alone…. and then there are the moments when they do nothing but fight with each other. Running to me every minute of the day whining and complaining and narking on each other to the point of making me want to scream in frustration.
  • Even though I have always wanted 4 children, sometimes, they are far too much for me to handle. So much so that I often reach the point of wanting to run away. Those are generally the days when I ask Nana to come up from her cottage to look after the children while I go take a long walk with the dogs. Even if I had already taken them for one that day. It’s better than just constantly yelling and screaming at my children the whole time.

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