Honestly. Today Would Have Been Better Off Just Not Happening.

Ever have one of those days where no matter what, you just can’t keep your shit together? That was today for me. It would have been better off just not happening. If I could have skipped today  with a remote like Adam Sandler did in that movie, Click? I so would have!

It started at 3 am. Danielle woke me up for a drink of water. We walked to the kitchen before she remembered her cup was still on her bedside table in her room. We walked to her bedroom. Picked up her cup… and discovered it was still full of water from the evening before. Awesome! Not.

I let Cuddles outside so he could go toilet and then went to the toilet myself. By the time I had done that, Danielle was yelling for me loud enough to possibly wake up her siblings. She wanted another teddy in her bed. SERIOUSLY KID?!

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at the end of a really long day!

Then Cuddles wanted back in and then Bella woke up for a cuddle and then Cesar decided it was affection time… all of which time it was 3:30 am and my body had decided it was wide awake time. I eventually got back to sleep… somewhere between 4:30 and 5 am. Only to be woken up again by a restless Bella and Eugene’s bloody 6 am alarms. BOTH of them.

All of which meant I was way too tired to be calmly dealing with Mr No Ears and his 3 equally No Ears sisters. When I have to repeat myself several times for Blake to “go wait in the lounge. I’ll be out in a minute” only for him to ignore my words and continue to stand right over me in my face saying “make my breakfast”…. It’s safe to say, I’m going to loose my shit. And I’m going to continue to loose my shit every time he and his sisters pull that same no ear stunt in the 2 hours from wake up to leave for school/kindy. Of which, this morning, all of them did it. ALL of them.

Of course Danielle didn’t go to kindy today because she was vomiting yesterday morning and late Monday afternoon. Which meant she had to wait out the 24 hours post vomit before she was allowed back at kindy. Such fun.

And I ended up picking up Celine from school before 10 am after TWO phone calls about her supposedly “really bad cramps”. Judging from the rest of her day, I should have left her at school. Because I’m pretty sure she was just trying to pull a sicky out of jealousy of Danielle getting to stay home. Again. Especially since I caught her playing on her punishment banned tablet while she was hiding in her room with the door shut. She stole it out of the cupboard I had put it until her punishment was over. At this rate it will be Christmas before she finally gets THAT back again.

Continuous phone calls from Eugene virtually minutes apart. Not that I would normally mind. Except today he was adding one task on top of another on an already task filled day. Any other day and I would have more than likely coped. Today, it was just too much for me to deal with.

Add in our naughty goat, Gandolf, who decided to slip out the gate as I was leaving to pick up Blake from school? Who then made me chase him up and down the street and into our neighbour’s yards before I could catch him and get him back into our own? Thus making me really late to pick up Blake.

Also, judging from the fact that I’ve had to write this post twice. Once on my wordpress app on my phone then again on the laptop because the app wouldn’t upload the post to the blog? And that it took me half an hour just to upload the photo on a normally ultrafast internet speed?

Yeah, it’s pretty safe to say that today would have been better off just not happening!

So… how was your day?

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