I Need A Space To Rant

Ok, I seriously don’t do this often. My blog is not a rant blog. It’s a mum life journey blog. Occasionally I’ll give an opinion piece on some topic in the media, but I rarely rant about personal stuff. Normally, I’d allow myself time to cool down and just blow it off. But this issue has been going on for weeks and I’m close to exploding. I need a space to rant and this is it. So, sorry readers, rant coming.


"amummyslifenz" "I need a space to rant"We’ve lived in our house since May 2012. That’s 5 years. In that time, prior to this year we’ve only once had flooding in our paddock due to excessive rainfall and that was the first year we moved in. As far as we know, there was never an issue on flooding with the neighbours at the time on the paddock side. They certainly never mentioned anything to us about it.

New people bought the house a couple of years back. This year, our paddock has flooded 3 times. Once because Eugene accidently left the sprinkler on while watering the paddock in summer. Twice because of excessive rain due to cyclones and storm fronts. The third time, was only this weekend past.

Each time, the new neighbours on the paddock side have complained that our paddock is flooding their driveway. Personally, except for that first time which was accidental, I can’t see it. Their driveway slants towards our section and ours is slightly raised in that area. The other two times? The whole neighbourhood was flooded. How is that our fault?

The Neighbour’s Complaints

Nevertheless, our paddock neighbours want us to put “drainage” into our paddock to deal with the supposed flooding into theirs. Supposedly they have been to the council to ask about this. So have we. I’ve even looked up the by-laws for our council and haven’t seen anything in them to indicate that we need to put a drain into our paddock to appease our neighbours.

However, everytime Eugene goes into the paddock, he gets harrassed by the neighbours on that side to put in a drain. One particular time, Eugene had a dead lamb in his arms intending to bury it before it got dark. No luck with that. The neighbour held him up with his complaints and Eugene could only place the dead lamb in the area we were going to bury him for me to do in the day light.

Of course, the neighbour wasn’t just complaining about the flooding. He was also complaining about our goat who was leaning over the waist height fence between our properties to eat the roses they have only just planted. The goat was there before the roses.

Our Solution

"amummyslifenz" "I need a space to rant" "our fence"

The fence we’ve started building

Well, our solution to that problem is to take the fence plan that we had in our 10-year plan forward to now. We started replacing that waist height fence with a full height one. One that gives us and Mum privacy from those neighbours. Because while their windows are completely private from our dwellings, Mum’s little cottage is totally not. In fact, if her curtains are open, they can look straight into her lounge and bedroom. They may have privacy, but she does not.

Planting trees or bushes is not an option because both the sheep and the goat eat them. That’s what happened to the previous trees and bushes the previous owners had planted there to give the cottage privacy from the paddock neighbours. It’s would be sheer stupidity to plant more trees and bushes there and expect anything different.

The Complaints Continue

We used up all the pailings that Eugene had bought over the weekend. We got up approximately 10 metres worth of fence up with those pailings. They were put for the majority of it. Today Eugene bought more and was unloading them from the trailer to put in the paddock by the fence as soon as he got home from work. I had just gotten Isabella back to sleep after a wake up and Blake and Danielle were half an hour away from bedtime.

I went out to help Eugene unload the pailings to discover the paddock neighbours had bailed him up again about the drainage after the storm front this weekend and to complain about the fence. Apparently it’s not straight enough for them. When I appeared, they started on me.

I think they thought I would talk “sense” into Eugene. Instead all they did was peeve me off. All I wanted to do was get the pailings unloaded so I could get the middle kids into bed. I did not want to get dragged into their whinging about us putting up a fence and the “straightness” of it (news flash: we’re paying for the whole thing and putting it up ourselves. It’s on our side of the boundary line, not yours. You don’t get a say in it). Or the drain that they want us to put in (which according to the council and the by-laws there is nothing that requires us to legally put one it). I don’t have the time or the patience to be listening to that crap.

Oh, and they wanted an ex-neighbour from the other side to “mediate” the issues. Like that was going to somehow solve all their problems? The only problem I have is that they are far to nosy and annoying. And my mother needs her privacy. Can you imagine not being able to open your curtains simply because the neighbours can see in? And in all honesty? If there was any drainage issue from our property to theirs? The fence would take care of it anyway. Hard for runoff from excessive rain to drain into the neighbours with a fence in the way.

My Ultimate Rant Factor

What really peeved me off though? Was when she yelled out snidely, “why don’t you just post about it in your blog!” ANYONE who reads my blog would know this is not the sort of thing I usually post about. But since she decided to mock me about my blog? I’m sure as hell putting it on here. It’s not like she reads it anyway. Or she wouldn’t have made that snide comment. You reap what you sew biartch!

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  1. Harley says:

    Way to go!
    Your side of boundary, your fence , they don’t like it. They can put one up on their side. Their expense. To cover it.

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