I Struggle With Today’s Idea Of Feminism

I struggle with today’s idea of feminism. No, seriously, I do. These days, it seems like to be a feminist you have to HATE men and women HAVE to be better than men at everything and men NEVER seem to be allowed to even compete or be proud that they are good at something. And I have a problem with that.

Because in my mind, feminism should be about women being able to have the CHOICE to make their own decisions on something. Be a mother. Don’t be a mother. Work from home. Don’t work for home. Be straight. Be lesbian. Pursue a career. Don’t pursue a career. Whatever. That is the definition of feminism to me: being able to make your own choices.

"amummyslifenz" "feminism"What feminism ISN’T to me is man-hating. This whole putting men down because they aren’t a woman thing is pure stupidity to me and totally ridiculous!

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. But in my mind I think of men and women as a symbiotic relationship. The yin and the yang. Woman have different strengths and weaknesses to men; and men have different strengths and weaknesses to women. Woman’s strengths hold up and support the weaknesses of men; and men’s strengths hold up and support the weaknesses of women. We blend together even though we are separate. There are some things that men are better at than women; and some things that women are better at than men; and it doesn’t make one lesser than the other. We are all equal.

I also don’t think feminism should include hating on other women just because they made a different choice to you. Just because one woman chooses to raise a family when another chooses to pursue a career doesn’t make either women lesser than the other. They are both equal and both made an equal choice. Neither should be hated on because of it.

Just my opinion.

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