Celine’s Latest X-Ray Results For Her Perthes Hip

Yesterday afternoon, I had to rush around madly getting my children out of school and kindy half an hour early to make it to Celine’s latest x-ray appointment. Since Celine was “cleared” of her Perthes Disease in February 2016, we have not had to attend check ups with the Orthopedic specialist every 3 months as we did prior to that. Instead, we were only on annual ones now.

The Latest X-Ray

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February 2017 X-Ray

Blake and Danielle were absolutely fascinated by the whole x-ray process since it was their first time going to such an appointment. But due to the timing of the appointments this was unavoidable. They were fairly well behaved during them though so I can’t really complain. The x-rays itself looked reasonably good to me but I’m not the specialist.

The Orthopedic Specialist Appointment

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Waiting for the orthopedic specialist appointment.

As always, we had the Orthopedic appointment the following day (aka very early this morning). Our specialist was very pleased with Celine’s latest x-ray even stating that it looks even better than last year’s one. The femur head even looks like it may have rounded out even more. He also said that the difference in leg length (it was 1 cm difference last year) has improved. Another growth spurt or two should hopefully even them out again.

What’s Next?

Because Celine’s hip is doing so well, we don’t even need to see him next year. We just have to have the annual x-ray. Other than that, we only see him if there is need. Celine still has permission to do any and all high impact activities that she so wishes since she has  done so well.

All in all, we’re all pretty pleased with the progress in Celine’s hip and feel like we can all relax again until next year’s x-ray.

"amummyslifenz" "legg-calve perthes disease" "perthes update" "celine's journey"

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