A Brief Introduction

Since it’s the start of a brand new blog challenge month I’m going to do a brief introduction into who and what my AMummysLifeNZ blog is. If you are after a more indepth introduction then go check out my About Me pages. There are all sorts of interesting stuff there.

Who Is AMummysLifeNZ?

First things first, who am I? I am Patricia. I am a wife and a mother. A blogger and a vlogger. I have four children ranging in ages from almost 10 years old to almost 2 years old. Three of them are girls, the fourth is a boy: Celine (9.5), Blake (5.5), Danielle (4) and Isabella (1.5). My husband and I have been together for 11.5 years and married for 8 of those years as of this month.

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What Is AMummysLifeNZ?

AMummysLifeNZ is a blog that I started in January 2011 while I was trying to conceive Blake. It started out as TTC blog and transformed over time to a pregnancy blog and a weight loss blog and finally a parenting/family life blog with a huge focus on my family and myself. It is my voice to the word from an otherwise very conservative and shy personality. Both my blog and my youtube channel is helping me work on changing that by building my confidence.

A Brief Introduction

Now that you have had a brief introduction into who I am, I’d love to be introduced into who you readers are! Let me know who you are by commenting down below! Also, don’t forget that I’d love to hear some questions from you about topics that you’d like me to post about. Add it all in the comment section below!

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About AMummysLife NZ

Mother of 4 children. Blogger about family life, recipes, product reviews and motherhood in general.

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10 Responses to A Brief Introduction

  1. Fran says:

    Hi I am Fran,

    Nice to meet you through the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am a mum with two teenage boys, a fluffy dog and Hubby. I getting back into my blog, and the habit of writing blog posts.

  2. Hello from UBC – it’s so nice to meet you.
    I’m Angie from the USA, Washington state.
    I’m also a wife but with no kids, just a furry one.
    We’ve been together for 19 years & married for 14.
    Can’t wait to read more as we go.
    Angie Agerter recently posted…Letting Out the Secrets of Why I Blog #blogboostMy Profile

  3. Martha says:

    Nice to learn a bit about you and your family. I am excited to be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on July 29th! Hubby and I are going back home to have our vows renewed in the beautiful Italian Catholic church where we were married. We have 2 grown daughters, 7 grandchildren from 29 years to 13 years plus 4 adorable great grandchildren from 8 years to 8 months. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs throughout the challenge.

  4. Monick Halm says:

    Nice to meet you and find out about you. I’m a mom of 3 (21 & 18 year old step kids and an 8-year old bio daughter) in Los Angeles. I’m a real estate investor, stage mom (2 of my kids are actors), yogi, world traveler, author (my book is called The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook: Everything a Woman Needs to Know to Start Investing in Real Estate Like a Goddess), a blogger (www.realestateinvestorgoddess.com), and a real estate mentor.

  5. Glenda Cates says:

    Good morning, It is nice to meet you. I love knowing more about you and your children. 4 of them I am sure keeps you busy as I only have one and he keeps me hopping. I also enjoyed learning more about your blog. Have a great day.
    Glenda Cates recently posted…Blogger Opp ~ BayB Brand Car Seat Canopy & Blanket GiveawayMy Profile

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