What You Missed While I Was Away | Family Friday Catch Up

Obviously, with my break from social media you missed a lot of what events has happened in our family. Which means I had better get my butt into gear and catch you up on what you missed these last couple of weeks. If you missed the last family friday post, you can read it here.

Let’s See What You Missed


Nana Came Home

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Danielle about to go for a ride in the fire truck.

My mother had finally come home from the hospital after over a week and a half stay. She came home tired but happy to be home. As were us all to see her home again. The place just isn’t the same without Nana around.

Netball Season Is Almost Over

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Celine during warm up training at last week’s netball game.

Celine’s netball season is almost over for the year. Her second to last game was last weekend. It’s been a long two terms of it but Celine has grown and improved immensely from her first game to the last one in her first netball season.

Onga 7s

Celine had the opportunity to play in her first Onga 7s this netball season as well. It just happened to be the 50th year of it too so it was quite a special event to get to participate in. Onga 7s is a sports competition held by Ongaonga school and participated in by at least 10 other schools from around Central Hawkes Bay. Netball isn’t the only sport played. There is also soccer, hockey and rugby.

Ear Aches, Sinus Colds & Tummy Bugs

Everyone seems to have gotten sick these last couple of weeks. Pretty much everyone has had a snotty nose. All 4 kids have had ear aches. And Celine has a tummy bug as I write this.

Mama Has Lambs

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Mama sheep and her lambs

My sheep, Mama, has finally had her babies. We’d suspected that she was pregnant for a while. Her tummy had gone a funny shape. But it wasn’t until her udder had dropped that I could be sure. 2 days later s I was leaving to pick Danielle up from kindy I realised that Mama had just had the second baby. I’m fairly sure that there is a boy and a girl but I’ve only been able to confirm the boy. I haven’t had a good look at the second lamb just yet. This is the first lambs that we’ve ever had born on our property. In the past any lambs we’ve had has been purchased from farms.

Daffodil Day

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Blake in his wig with his certificate on Daffodil Day

Today is Daffodil Day. Normally the kids get to wear a yellow themed mufti on this day with a gold coin donation to raised funds. This year the school decided to ask the kids to just wear something yellow on their uniform instead with the gold coin donation. I got Blake and Celine some blonde wigs to wear for today. Blake wore his. Celine stayed home sick with her tummy bug. Blake also came home with a certificate from assembly celebrating his efforts and achievement in reading.

Trip To the Fire Station

Danielle went on a kindy trip to the fire station again yesterday. The last time kindy went to the fire station was last year 2 days after Blake’s 5th birthday. Again the kids got to have a ride in the fire truck around the block. This time they even had some child sized uniforms for the kids to try on.

"amummyslifenz" family friday catch up"

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