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I missed out last week’s Friday Favourites post but I’ll catch you up on everything below. Between Blake’s surgery and the Cyclone Debbie, all I can say is, what a fortnight! It’s another Friday Favourites linky with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my post from two weeks ago, you can read it here!

Blake’s Surgery

Pretty much the whole of last week was taken up by Blake’s surgery on the Monday. As well as the recovery period that followed it. It absorbed a lot of our week that week until Blake went back to school on the Thursday.

First Prize

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There was so much rain that the sandpit at the kid’s school turned into a paddling pool.

Celine won first prize in an art competition for her age group at school last week, on the Thursday. She won a small canvas and paint kit, some stickers and a couple of sweets. The competition was held by the community safety awareness event that the school held that afternoon.

The event is self was run by the police, the firebridge, the St John Ambulance, Red Cross, Civil Defence and so on. Each group had a little activity for the kids to do or some information to give away to the parents who came.

No More Sky

We have finally got rid of Sky for good. Eugene has set up the Android TV Box in the lounge. So we are able to use it to watch whatever channel or stream whatever movie we are in the mood for. All for the price of our unlimited broadband.

Cyclone Debbie

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Most of that water you can see is covering pathways that you can normally walk on.

Cyclone Debbie has hit our little area pretty hard. Our local rivers were so flooded that they not only reached across from bank to bank (unusual in itself) but well over it. Most of the wild bunny homes were well under water from what I could see once the rain stopped and I could finally take the dogs for their walk.

A lot of our paddock and driveway area got flooded as well. Neither of which have very good drainage. I can only recall one other time that our paddock flooded from the amount of rain and it was nowhere near as bad as it was this week.

Missing Diva

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Diva, my missing girl.

One of our cats has disappeared this week. Basically since Cycle Debbie made it’s appearance. Diva is our only female cat and the physical sister of two of our boys. She is very affectionate when she wants to be but the rest of the time she will ignore you. Thus the name Diva.

She’s fixed, so I know she hasn’t gone wandering due to being on heat. But it isn’t like her to be gone for so long either. The last day anyone recalls actually seeing her is Tuesday, so I’m just a wee bit concerned about her right now. I’m hoping that she’s just gone hunting mice and got trapped somewhere safe. But I seriously hope she comes home soon.

What A Fortnight

Emotionally speaking, this fortnight has sucked. I’m over it. Everyone is grumpy and out of sorts. I feel stressed and strung out. The kids are overtired and need to have some rest. I’m actually glad the week is over. There is only one more week of the term left and then the Easter holidays begin. For once, I think I’m actually glad that they are coming. I think we all need the break.

So, how was your week?

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5 Responses to What A Fortnight! | Friday Favourites

  1. Leigh-ann says:

    Eek! What a fortnight! Fingers crossed Miss Diva makes her way home soon

  2. bushra says:

    So much happened you this week, Mine is same scheduled from hospital to home to hospital again 🙂
    Thanks for sharing
    Dr bushra
    Do visit mine
    F-Feasible Quinoa – Switch to Good Health with Quinoa
    bushra recently posted…F-Feasible Quinoa – Switch to Good Health with QuinoaMy Profile

  3. Isobel says:

    I used to live in the UK so I know about rain – but nothing like Debbie! Now I live in a mainly desert area, we’re “lucky” if we get rain on 5 days a year. I have to admit, waking up to blue skies every day hasn’t got old 🙂
    Glad Blake was well enough to go back to school.

    • I’m not used to so much rain. The area that I live in, your lucky if the rain even wets the ground when it does. Our winter is quite sunny in itself.

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