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Lot’s has happened since my last Family Friday post. We had a birthday, the kids had a dental appointment, Blake attended his first school disco, I was in a car accident, the council cut down yet more trees, and the kids planted some seedlings from the New World Little Garden collection like they did last year.

We Had A Birthday

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Bella on her 2nd birthday

The current youngest of the family, Isabella, is now 2 years old! We celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 8th of this month. She had a bear shaped banana cake with pink icing and matching butterfly cakes “flying” above it. Her presents were simple but full of things she loves such as balls, dolls and noise makers.

Dental Appointments

The kids had their annual dental check up with the local dental nurse. Danielle & Blake had fluoride treatments. Isabella passed with flying colours. Celine had a new x-ray of her teeth and an appointment made for this week to remove some stubborn milk teeth roots from a broken tooth out of the way for the new adult one coming through.


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Celine, Blake & Dani planting seedlings

Little Garden Seedlings

Celine, Blake and Danielle planted some of the seedlings from the latest New World Little Garden collection. I also had some of last year’s collection stored away in the cupboard so the kids got to plant them as well. Blake managed to make a lovely mess with the dirt. Celine managed very well. Danielle surprised me the most with her almost neatness in getting the dirt into the little pots.

More Tree Destruction

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more trees cut down and leveled by the stream

The local council has managed to cut down even more trees this last week. These ones aren’t even on the river bank! Instead they’ve flattened the entire swamp area by the stream that runs parallel to the river. All the wood has been piled up beside the stream. Starting to make me wonder what they are really doing down there.

Blake’s First School Disco

Blake had his first school disco last week. It had a pirate theme so lots of the kids dressed up in pirate style outfits. He thoroughly enjoyed himself dancing around the hall, eating junk food and catching up with his mates. He received a finger light at the door which he had a ball flashing around in the dark disco lighting.

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Blake and his finger light dancing at his school disco

Car Accident

Danielle & I got rear ended last week on our way to school to pick up Blake last Friday. I was waiting to turn right into a street when our car got jolted from behind. Our car looked fairly OK at the time although the car that hit me look pretty much totaled. It wasn’t until I took our car in to the repairer to be looked at and the damage photographed for our insurance claim that we realised that there was a lot more damage under the car out of sight.

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