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Visiting grandparents, valentine’s day and missing blog posts. It’s another Friday Favourites linky with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my post last week, you can read it here!

Grandparents’ Visit

Last weekend we had a rare visit with Eugene’s mother and stepfather. We only just started renewing communications with his parents two new years ago. This has not been an easy relationship for us in the 11 years that Eugene & I have been together. The relationship with his parents was quite toxic to start with so for a very long time we stopped all interaction with them. Which means we’ve been taking the reconnect with Eugene’s parents very slowly.

Last year when they asked to come down to Hawke’s Bay to see their grandchildren, Eugene said no because he felt it was too soon. This year when they asked, Eugene said yes.

We did play it cautious to start with though by arranging to meet them at a restaurant for lunch. We didn’t offer for them to stay at our house. Neither of us are ready for that yet. So they stayed at a motel instead. However we enjoyed our lunch with them. All of us adults were on our best behaviour and managed to keep some pleasant conversation running while the children got to interact with their barely known grandparents.

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Lunch with the grandparents

Since lunch went so well, we arranged for them to come over to our house that same evening for dinner. This was a huge step for us because initially Eugene wasn’t ready for them to have our address yet. Still it worked out well because dinner together was enjoyable. We had a simple bbq which was nice and relaxed and allowed us all to talk. Celine, Blake and Danielle got to show off all their artwork from school and kindy last year. They even gave their appreciative Ouma a few pieces of their art to take home with her. The entire visit gave us all hope for a better relationship in the future.

Valentine’s Day

Eugene & I had a lovely Valentine’s evening this week. We don’t really do gift exchanges for Valentine’s but Eugene still bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a new cell phone. Although my new phone is to replace my other faulty one. The faulty one has now been taken back to our provider by Eugene since it’s still under warranty. I think we are planning to pass the old one on to Celine if it can be fixed, but nothing is set in stone yet.

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The bouquet of flowers that Eugene bought me.

Anyway, Eugene & I went to the movies for our Valentine’s date and saw the new 50 Shades Darker movie. We had the valentine’s platter special which was a plate of cheese and crackers and fruit etc to take in with us along with a glass of wine for myself and a beer for Eugene. Unfortunately neither Eugene nor I felt that the platter provided near enough food for us both for our dinner and so we ended up purchasing a seafood platter a little later in the movie to fill us up.

After the movie we went across the road to Breakers to enjoy a coffee and dessert. Eugene chose the chocolate brownie and I had the cookies n cream cheesecake. Not a particularly healthy evening but if you can’t have the odd treat every now and then you aren’t living. Finally we went home to relieve Nana’s watch over our children. It was a relatively early night since the movie started at 6 pm but since we have children and it was a weekday that’s not a bad thing.

No Post Yesterday

You all probably noticed that I didn’t post yesterday. That was because I honestly had nothing to say. While my goal this year is to consistently post every week day. I am not going to put out half hearted content simply because I’m expected to post. I want to post quality content for you and sending out something I’m just not feeling doesn’t work for me.

How was your week?

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