The Start Of 2017 | Friday Favourites

Happy New Year for the start of 2017 (again)! As usually for a Friday I am joining in for another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. Although the official linky is paused until January 20th, I will be continuing with these posts simply because I like them. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here!

The Start Of 2017

It’s exciting, isn’t it? A whole new year with a whole new fresh start. Setting new goals and working on achieving them! So far I’m off to a good start on mine. I’ve already made a start on ticking off some of my goals. Definitely a happy thought in that!

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Setting up the spa

New Spa

Yip, this is very much a favourite this week! Eugene managed to score a BRAND NEW inflatable portable spa pool off a sales group on Facebook for NZ$400 (RRP NZ$1000). We’ve ALL been in it a couple of times and Bella is really enjoying being in the spa pool. It’s especially nice on the cold wet days that we’ve had this New Year’s instead of the lovely summer sun we should be having.

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Blake fishing

Daddy-Son Day

Eugene has had the week off of work this week and he and Blake spent Wednesday having a Daddy-Son day. They went fishing for the afternoon. Not that they caught anything but it’s the one-on-one bonding time that was the most important factor of the day. Blake had a ball spending the time with Dad. It’s not something that he gets a lot of.

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Celine, Danielle & the dogs on our walk to the river

Mummy-Daughter Day

Our day by comparison wasn’t quite as exciting as going fishing. But it was still nice. We spent the afternoon taking Jazz & Captain Cuddles for a walk to the local river (Bella stayed home with Nana) where Celine & Danielle threw large rocks into the river and the dogs swam/paddled; and then we spent nearly an hour in the spa together. Anyway, it was quite relaxing if not adventurous.

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family photo in the pool

Ocean Spa

Yesterday we went to the hot pools in Napier. The last time we went there was about 3 years ago. Well before I got pregnant with Bella. We spent some lovely time in the sun and warm water. This was Bella’s first real experience in a swimming pool and she loved it. We even got some kicking motion with her legs near the end. Danielle is still a little too short to reach the bottom of the pool so she spent most of her time hanging off mine or Dad’s neck or sitting on the seats along the pool. Blake, on the other hand, can now reach the bottom and had a wonderful time swimming around with Celine. A lovely lady kindly came up and offered to take a family photo of us for which I am so grateful! Getting the whole family in a photo at the same time is pretty rare these days.

How was your first week of 2017?

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  1. I need a mommy daughter day. My son is such a mama’s boy he makes it hard for anyone to take care of him. Hubby gets to spend more time with our daughter than I do LOL.
    Eventually, I guess!

  2. Nita says:

    Your inflatable spa looks great. I looked at them this year and decided against it. Definitely going to get one for next year now. Family photos are nice, glad you were able to get one at the pool.

  3. Alice Gerard says:

    Very nice story. I really enjoyed the picture of the family in the pool. Everyone looked so happy. My week’s been pretty good, and I am happy to participate in another ultimate blogging challenge.

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