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Internet, anesthesia appointments and St Patrick’s Day. It’s another Friday Favourites linky with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my post two weeks, you can read it here!

Internet Drama

As you know I didn’t get out a Friday Favourites post last week. Because we had no internet thanks to Chorus. Thankfully we have it now but talk about a drama. Oh and VDSL is SOOOOOOOO much faster than ADSL, just as an FYI.

Channel Combining

If you’re an AMummysLifeNZ youtube channel subscriber then you would have noticed an abundance of old Patricia Vlogs videos being uploaded to it. This is because I have decided to close the Patricia Vlogs channel and combine the two from now on. Once I’ve got all the old videos set up for viewing we’ll be back to the normal video schedule. Just on one youtube channel not  split between two.

Blake’s Anesthesia Appointment

We had Blake’s Anesthesia appointment after school on Wednesday. The anesthetist was very helpful in answering questions about what will happen during the surgery and got my preference on how the general anesthetic would be given to Blake. I chose by gas mask rather than IV. He also explained that would would get to stay in the room until Blake went to sleep and then we would have to go to the waiting room until the surgery was over and he was starting to wake up. I still need to phone up in the days beforehand to find out whether his surgery will be in the morning or the afternoon on the surgery day we have been given.

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Green coloured vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing and green shamrock shaped icing decorations.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Today is St Patrick’s Day. It doesn’t seem to be as big these days as it was when I was a child. We used to make such a big deal about wearing green and having fun with the day. Now, my children don’t even know what it’s for. Since it doesn’t mean a holiday for them, it’s just another day on the calendar. Regardless of this, I still like to have a little fun so I made them some fun St Patrick’s Day themed cupcakes (plain vanilla cupcakes with green colouring, white vanilla icing and green icing shaped shamrocks) to put in their lunchboxes. Now, those, they did appreciate.

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