School’s Back | Friday Favourites

I’ll bet almost every parent in New Zealand is celebrating right now. It’s term 3 and school’s back in action. 6 blissful hours of no school (and kindy) aged children. No fighting. No arguing. No backchatting. Bliss. And yes, it’s another Friday Favourites post where I share my favourite and not so favourite moments of the week. Missed last weeks? Read it here!

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Celine, Blake and Danielle playing on the play stuff after school earlier this week.

School’s Back (And So Is Kindy!) | Favourite

Ah bliss. Three of four children out of the house for 6 hours a day. I can get back into my normal routine, mostly. Things are still a little out of routine this week but it shouldn’t be long before the dust settles again.

New Lights In The Children’s Bedrooms | Favourite

Eugene picked up a pile of LED lights on special this week and has started updating the middletons’ (Blake and Danielle) bedrooms with them. They’ve gone from a single light in the ceiling to two lights spread out. The difference is incredible! Next up on the list to update is the lounge lighting. Eugene plans to update that from two lights to four.

No Ears & Back Chatting | Not A Favourite

I don’t know if it’s just the overtiredness and over excitement from going back to school and kindy but I’m hating on the non listening and the back chatting this week. We’ve arrived at school and kindy in the mornings more harried than not this week and the afternoons are no better on pick up! I’m hoping that next week will be better once everyone has settled into their routine.

Other Moments

I’ve already blogged about our weekend trip (favourite) and the magpie situation (not a favourite). Other moments of note: it’s almost the end of the blog challenge month! There is only a few more days to go. Netball is back in action for Celine. Her first game is this Saturday morning. She’s also been selected to participate in Ongaonga 7s. Blake’s Super 4s have been cancelled this term due to conflicts with other sports. Isabella is perfecting her terrible two tantrums already and she’s not even two yet. Still another month and a bit away from her birthday. On the other hand, her speech has really improved overnight. She is not just talking away but talking in 2-4 word sentences to boot! Lately her favourite is “my …” Yesterday she came out with “Blake took my cracker.”

How Was Your Week?

Your turn! How was your week? What was your favourite or not so favourite moments of the week?

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