A Round Up Of My Week In Leiu Of Friday Favourites

Normally, on a Friday I’d be posting a Friday Favourites post as part of a linky. But the ladies who normally run Friday Favourites have apparently not done one for today. So instead, I’ll just give you the weekly round up of favourite and not so favourite events of my week as if the linky was active anyway.

My Week’s Round Up

"amummyslifenz" "friday favourites" "round up"Celine’s First Performance

Today, Celine performed her first piece on the keyboard in front of the junior level at school. And I am extremely proud of how she did. There were a few places where she was a little hesitant. But otherwise she played well and her practice is really starting to show. She even got a Principal’s Award for it.

Blake’s Little Escapade

I’m sure by now you would have already read my post from yesterday about living with one of my most scariest moment of my life. This was not one of my favourite moments of my week. To top it off? I spoke to one of the other parents and according to them they saw Blake run out the gate first, before everyone else. She said he literally ran all the way home from what she could see before she turned off into her own street. So unless he was picked up between her street and ours, he lied about someone giving him a ride home. Of course that’s a whole other kettle of fish. We haven’t taught him how to safely cross roads by himself yet. So at anytime he could have been hit crossing one of the many roads getting home. So much stress over him not staying in the school grounds.

Starting School Holidays

This is a semi-favourite and a semi-not favourites. On one hand, no more lunchbox making every morning. No more rushing children out the door to get to school and kindy on time. Time spent looking for missing shoes or uniforms can be spent relaxing. On the other hand, all four children at home for two whole weeks. All FOUR. For TWO whole weeks. That’s a ride on the insanity train waiting to happen.

How Was Yours?

So that was my week. How was yours? What was your favourite or not-so favourite part of your week?

"amummyslifenz" "friday favourites" "link up"

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  1. Sheryl says:

    My daughter once took a ‘short cut’ through a less than stellar trailer park to get home from school. Needless to say, I was horrified and we had a real heart to heart about the possible dangers. It is a challenge to enlighten without frightening. Good luck with your little one!
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