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Goodness me, where did September come from? Anyway, nothing much to really report from the family this week. Celine had her netball prizegiving which marks the end of the netball season. I’m feeling rather annoyed with our Regional Council about the destruction of the trees by the river. The upcoming NZ Elections has me feeling rather blah about the whole thing. If you missed the last Family Friday post, you can read it here.

Netball Prizegiving

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Celine receiving her certificate for participation.

Celine’s netball prizegiving was on Wednesday evening. All the netball players from the youngest teams to the oldest ones received a certificate for participation. Some of the members of the older teams also received star player awards and other special certificates.

Upcoming NZ Elections

I’m not sure who I’m voting for this election. The change of the Labour Party leadership doesn’t give me any more confidence in them than the previous leader did. National’s change in leadership last year introduces a steady prospect but a barely tried one. The minor parties don’t inspire any votes from me.

Some of the policies that the political parties have brought out contains some interesting ideas. But I’m unclear just how realistic, practical or financially viable many of them are.

"amummyslifenz" "family friday" "tree destruction"

Digger pulling out the trees.

Tree Destruction

I posted a video the other day of the destruction of the trees by the river line. It’s being done by our Regional Council. Their excuse is that it will help the fresh growth come through. Someone else in a discussion post in a Facebook group stated that it was to help save the river banks.

I don’t believe either excuse. It’s spring time. The trees had leaves and the birds are nesting. You DO NOT pull down trees in nesting season. The trees were never dense enough to prevent fresh growth coming through. The lead on from Spring is Summer which means locals will be looking to go swimming in the usual swim spots along the river. Except now they can’t. The trees have fallen directly into the river from the banks which means nobody can swim safely.

The last time they cut trees down, their excuse was that they were too close to the power lines. The trees that they cut were nowhere near the power lines and we lost half our bird life including all the yellow and green finches that lived in those trees. This time I’m afraid that we’ll lose the rest of them including the fantails who lived there.

We had a lot of flooding at the river this last winter due to the couple of cyclones that we had in close succession. The only thing that stopped those floods from ripping apart the river banks was those trees that have now been cut down. I’m expecting a lot of erosion to occur next winter.

Annual Dental Appointment & Teacher Only Day

 Today was the kids’ annual dental appointment. It is also a teacher only day for Blake & Celine’s school. I decided to keep Danielle home from kindy s that she wouldn’t feel left out and I wouldn’t have to interrupt her kindy day to pull her out for the dental appointment.

Blake and Danielle both had fluoride treatments. Celine has one and a half of her teen molars coming through. She had a new x-ray of her teeth taken and she has another appointment later in the month to pull some baby roots out that have been sitting there for a couple of years now. Isabella just had a cursory check but everything looks good. We’re still waiting on the toddler molars to come through.

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