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X-Rays, bloods & dentist appointments. Talk about a bit of a medical week! It’s another Friday Favourites linky with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my post last week, you can read it here!

Medical Week

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Danielle’s annual fluoride treatment

Lots of medical appointments this week! Celine had her annual x-ray and Orthopedic appointments for her Perthes Disease check up. Nana had a blood pressure and blood extraction appointment with the nurse to check on her latest medication since something isn’t working. Her sodium levels are too high and her leg infection isn’t going away. Last of all, but not least, Danielle had her quarter-annually fluoride treatment at the dental clinic. I feel like my head has been buzzing with all the appointments we’ve had to run around and get to this week. Especially since Celine’s and Danielle’s appointments required one or all of the kids being out of school/kindy for periods of the day.

Hello New Stuff

Eugene has been putting up security cameras around the place. While he was running the cables for those, he also run an internet cable from our modem to the tv in the lounge. Unfortunately, while the tv is supposed to be capable of using the internet to do things, we couldn’t get it to work.

So, he came home with a brand new smart tv. I wasn’t particularly impressed with him for buying it. However, I can’t complain about how awesome the tv itself is. The remote actually has an app and a netflix button on it so I can plug the kids directly into a movie online. Without losing the use of my laptop while I’m at it.

Apparently we’re also expecting a tv box which will allow us to watch over a 1000 channels from around the world for free. But that one hasn’t arrived yet.

Good Bye Old Stuff

Since Eugene brought a new tv, he had to sell the old one to put towards the money he spent on the new one. The bonus? He also sold the gigantic sound system that took up room in the lounge and was never used. Talk about a huge declutter and space saver! The other bonus? Once the tv box arrives we can finally get rid of the Sky box once and for all because all the sky channels will play through the tv box.

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