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You know, it’s weird, but in all the years that I have been blogging (which was 6 years last January) I have always been a little shy of letting my light shine. I’m a conservative person by nature and I guess that’s my strongest blogger side that you get to see. But what you don’t see very often is my more sarcastic side. I’ve let that side out a couple of times in recent weeks and those posts seem to have been really popular. So I’m going to try to let this side out a little more often now than I have in the past. Here’s to letting my light shine it’s little sarcastic brightness.

 Anyway, it’s another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my last Friday Favourites post, you can find it right here!

Another Wairoa Trip

We went back to the place I said we were never going back to. Bloody Wairoa. I seriously hate that drive. This time Eugene drove a lot smoother though so most of us got through the torture without being sick. Danielle was the only one sick coming back. That was easily fixed by a quick stop at T&T for a pair of cheap leggings and a tee. Thanks T&T Napier! You were awesome!

Sick Kids

"amummyslifenz" "letting my light shine" "friday favourites"To be completely honest I’m not entirely sure that Danielle was actually carsick. I ended up picking her up from kindy early on the Monday because she had a fever and had been sleeping a lot (a big sick indicator when it comes to my kids because they DON’T sleep). She vomited a bit later in the day and again on Tuesday morning. She stayed home until Thursday. I was so glad when she went back!

Danielle wasn’t the only sick kid this week however. Celine came home early from school on Wednesday from cramps. And I have Blake home from school today because he’s not feeling well either. Apart from a small banana, he hasn’t been very interested in food which is really unlike him.

So Over Co-Sleeping

"amummyslifenz" "letting my light shine" "Bella" "cosleeping"I’m getting frustrated with Isabella’s co-sleeping. I’m lucky if I  can get her to stay in her own bed past midnight. She usually wakes up 2-3 times between bedtime and me giving up and bringing her into my own bed to get some reasonable amount of sleep for myself.

It’s starting to interfere with my adult time with Eugene. Not exactly a fun time when you have to resettle a toddler every hour and you have no idea when that wake up is going to happen.

I’m at the point where I am just going to bite the bullet and fork out NZD110 for one of those Lulla Dolls. I am in desperate need of a full night’s sleep with no children in the bed. Youngest child syndrome is a real pain the backside.

The Dryer Made A Fool Of Me

I swear there was something wrong with that dryer. It was not working for me. But according to the electrician? Nothing. He couldn’t find a thing wrong with it. They used it numerous times in the week they had it and couldn’t get it to fault at ALL!

The upside of the whole situation? I have my dryer back. I’ve finally caught up on most of my washing now that I can actually get them dry. The downside? Because they couldn’t find a fault, they can’t charge it back to the retailer for the warranty. So we have to pay the bill instead.

Central Solutions

Eugene has decided to turn his TV boxes into an actual business since they are proving quite popular. We are hoping that it will take off enough to make it a full time thing. Right now however, it’s an after work and in the weekends thing.

It won’t be just TV Boxes that he’ll be selling though. He’s also started installing security systems and outside lighting etc as well. At least it’s all going towards paying the bills. Probably a good thing considering how high out power bill is right now between the washing machine, dryer and heat pump which has been constantly going this winter.

That’s about it from me today. How was your week? Anything interesting to report?

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