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This week on Family Friday: Blake and Celine participate in their school’s inter house biennial Kapa Haka performance; term 3 for school and kindy ends; we voted in the New Zealand General Election and now wait with baited breath for the make up of the new government; and Danielle has her pediatrics appointment. If you missed the last Family Friday post, you can read it here.

Who Will Be Our Government?

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Celine performing with the poi in the school’s inter house Kapa Haka competition for Upham.

Like everyone else in New Zealand, we voted in the general election to decide our new government for the next 3 years. Unfortunately, no one party managed to receive enough votes to run the government on their own. National party falling just 2 seats short of having enough. Labour party falling short by about 15 seats or so. Which means we now have to fall back into a coalition of parties.

If I had my way, the Green party would pull their heads out of their arse. They would then work with National party to form a government. By doing this, they would actually be able to accomplish some of their policies for a change; & we would be able to completely bypass the so-called “king maker.” Unfortunately, I don’t get to make decisions for the Green party and their leaders are too stupid and too stubborn to think this way. They will only work with the Labour party.

So, we’re stuck with either a National-New Zealand First coalition (a right-center based government) or a Labour-Green-New Zealand First (a left-center based government) coalition. Winston Peters (aka the “king maker”) of the New Zealand First party is just stubborn enough to choose the left side to spite the National party. He’s also holding out on making his decision by waiting for the special votes to be counted. Just to frustrate everyone further.

Kapa Haka

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Blake performing the haka for the school’s inter house kapa haka competition for Upham.

The school that Celine and Blake attend alternate between a drama performance one year and a Kapa Haka inter house competition in the alternate year. This year was a Kapa Haka year. The school splits into 4 houses: Ngarimu (red), Elliot (yellow), Ward (green), and Upham (blue). Each house performs a selected number of songs and dances in Maori in a competition against each other. The kids practise for weeks beforehand and perform the competition one evening in front of the parents to earn points for their house. They had that performance this week. Our family belong in the Upham house. Celine and Blake did very well in their house performance.

Term 3 Ends

Yet another school/kindy term has ended this week. Leaving just one term more to go for the year. I have mixed feelings for this. One, because it means 2 weeks of holidays with the kids almost non-stop. Not exactly a good thing for my PND. On the other hand, I get a break from having to race around each morning getting everyone ready for school and kindy on time.

Danielle’s Pediatrics Appointment

To be honest, I think I’ve pretty much said all I can about this in the last post. Nothing has changed since I wrote that post. I am working on being a little more patient with Danielle and giving her the attention that she’s been lacking from me hoping to help mend the bond between us. But other than that, not much more can be done until the pediatrics doctor comes through with his PND referrals for me.

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