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It’s been a while since I last did a Family Friday post. A whole school term in fact from the looks of it. So let’s get caught up on everything happening in our family in that time, shall we?

A Whole School Term

We’ve had a whole school term since my last Family Friday post. That’s insane. Celine and Blake have completed their last term of the NZ school year. We’ve had a couple of certificates, a few school and kindy trips (Blake & Danielle), a school camp (Celine), and everything else that goes on during the term. School is now finished for the year as of today. Danielle still has half a week of Kindy left to attend.


Celine & Blake blowing out the candles on their shared cake.

Both Celine and Blake have had birthdays since the last Family Friday post. Celine is now 10 years old and Blake is now 6 years old. We held a combined birthday party this year in order to save a little money. Celine and Blake had 2 friends each join us at Flip Out. They shared a birthday cake and opened their friends presents on the day of the party but opened the presents from us on the actual day of their birthdays.

Pregnant Again

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the news. Yes, I’m pregnant again. Yes, I know I said I wasn’t doing this again. Obviously God has other ideas for our family. I’m still getting used to the idea that I’m almost halfway through the pregnancy already. I plan to start some pregnancy progress vlogs on my youtube channel and probably on here too in the new year so keep an eye out for those. One benefit to this pregnancy however, is that I now get to actually use the Smartstart site I reviewed that the government started late last year.

Danielle Is Enrolled For School

Danielle is almost 5. In fact she turns 5 in March 2018 during the 1st school term. Our school has a great way to introduce the new entrants to school life before their 5th birthday by doing school visits. The new entrant attends school one day a week as a visitor. They wear their school uniform on their visitation day and they do everything that the other children in their class do while there. Danielle will be starting her school visits the very first week that school goes back for the new year.

I’m Working

I’ve got a part time job. I’m working as an office administrator for 12 hours a week which I do during the school hours. Administration is one of my strengths. It’s what I have a diploma in and what the vast majority of my work history is in. Working has been a huge benefit to my mental health and to my postnatal depression. Nana has been looking after Isabella while I’ve been working and will also be looking after the other kids while I’m at work during the school holidays.

Jingles frying up some candy canes.

Jingles Is Back

Our favourite elf arrived back to our family on the 1st of December ready to get into more mischief while he spies on the kids for Santa. So far he has brought them advent calendars, TP’d y lounge and dining room, tried and failed to wrap the TV in wrapping paper, tried to open Blake’s birthday presents and pretended to be one of Celine’s birthday presents, creped the kids’ bedroom doors and a few other various activities.

That’s All Folks

I think that’s pretty much all we’ve gotten up to that’s of interest since the last Family Friday post. If I missed anything, I’ll try to add it into the next one.

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