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It’s the last day of the school holidays. I realise I haven’t posted in a week. So much for my blog challenge month. Of course I can’t blame just my PND for this although it certainly doesn’t help. There is another reason for my slackness. But I’m not quite ready to share that one on here yet. Anyway, let’s tell you what we got up to these school holidays. If you missed the last Family Friday post, you can read it here

Picnic At The Park

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The older kids playing at on the playground while Bella finishes her picnic lunch.

Seems pretty much a standard during the school holidays. Taking the kids to the park. Unfortunately, we’ve only managed to get there once in these two past weeks. But the one day that we did get there, we had a picnic lunch from the local fish & chip shop and the kids had a lovely play on the playground.

Christmas Photoshoot

It seems a bit early to get them done but there is nothing like getting prepared for Christmas. The kids got to have a mini Christmas themed photoshoot with our favourite photographer, Freedom Photography. You can find a photo of the kids taken previously by Sadi at Freedom Photography on my about page. Sadi is based in Hamilton but often comes down to Hawkes Bay for photo shoots with both new families and her older regulars. This is the 3rd photoshoot we’ve had with Sadi and this time, the photoshoot involved a little surprise from me for the kids which Sadi managed to capture in the photos.

A Celebration At Breakers

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Celine pulling a funny face while eating her ice cream sundae. The cause was a mix of brain freeze and the sweetness of the chocolate fudge topping.

Eugene officially received his electrical registration this week. It is a qualification that he has been working very hard to achieve for the last couple of years. To celebrate we took the kids to the Breakers restaurant in Hastings for dinner. Breakers has a reasonable play area for the kids including seating in that area for families. Pricing is generally reasonable too although it still adds up when there’s 6 to feed. The only downside is that service was quite off this time. They forgot to being Celine’s meal despite our asking them twice to bring it before it finally turned up. Then they also forgot to give us the kids’ goodie bags that come with the kids Grommets Meals until we were leaving. It’s supposed to be provided at the beginning when the meals are ordered to help keep the kids entertained while they wait for their meals.

The Rest Of The School Holidays

The rest of the time we pretty much did sweet bugger all. Being a one income family means our budget is tight and there isn’t a lot spare for exciting activities.  Add the rain in for a few days in the week and mostly the kids just played inside or watched Netflix. The only other activity we did was a couple of medical appointments for Nana. She had to have some blood tests done one morning and had a cardiology check up another afternoon. Both the kids and myself will be glad once the older kids go back to school and kindergarten from Monday I think. Although Isabella will probably miss her siblings once they do.

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