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Kindy has finished for the year so Danielle is now back at home and the Christmas holidays have finally began. It’s another Family Friday post. If you missed last week’s one you can read it here.

Kindy Has Finished

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Danielle dressed as a bear for the story of ” The Sky Is Falling” at the Christmas party.

Kindy has finally finished for the year. They always seem to go an extra week longer than our school does and they always start the week before our school does too. Not that I’m complaining. It means that Danielle is only home for 4 weeks of holidays instead of the 6 weeks that Celine and Blake get.

They ended the year with an evening family picnic Christmas party on the Monday night and a movie, dress up and popcorn day for the last kindy session of the year. The party entertainment was the same couple from last year who tell great stories and have the children participate as the characters in them. Danielle played a bear in one story and Blake played a reindeer in another story.

Our House Is Now Christmasfied

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Some of the house decorations and this year’s Christmas Tree.

We have finally put up our Christmas decorations and decorated our Christmas Tree. Traditionally I don’t decorate our house for Christmas until all the December birthdays are out of the way. I just feel that it’s not fair to supersede the kid’s birthdays with Christmas, They get enough of that at school and everywhere they go, so their home should be a Christmas free zone until we’ve celebrated their birthdays. The only exception to this rule is our Elf, Jingles, because he tends to participate in their birthday fun.

Let the Holidays Begin

The kids are not the only one on holiday now. For the next 2 weeks so are Eugene & I. Eugene’s leave is paid, thankfully. Mine is not because I haven’t been there long enough to qualify for paid leave. Not that we’ll be doing much “fun” activities for our holidays. Most of it will be spent trying to get the house and yard back in order ready for the new year.

Visit With Santa

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Santa photo where no one cried!

I finally got the kids in to visit with Santa. For once, not a single child cried. In fact, Isabella was almost excited to go meet Santa although she didn’t actually sit in his lap. She sat on Celine’s lap next to Santa instead. We went to the Santa’s Cave that is held annually at our local town hall the week before Christmas. It was our first time to go see Santa there. Normally we go to see him when he’s visiting the local gift shop/post office. But on the day that he was visiting, the kids weren’t behaving and doing what was asked of them. So they missed out. They almost missed out on Santa’s Cave too but we managed to get there on the last day it was on.

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