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It’s that time of the week again. The one where I share my favourite and not so favourite events of the week. My biggest news? We’re going on holiday!

Going On Holiday – FAVOURITE

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A bag for each of the kids and one for Mummy & Daddy combined!

That’s right! When this post goes live, we’ll either be on our way or already arrived in Wellington. The whole family is going (except for Nana who can’t travel very far and will be staying home to look after all the animals).

We plan to take the kids to both the Te Papa Museum and to the Wellington Zoo. It will be a new experience for everyone since none of us have ever been to Wellington before and only Celine has ever been to a huge museum or to a proper zoo. Palmerston North Museum and Hawkes Bay Farmyard Zoo are nice but they doesn’t really compare.

This will also be our very first family holiday that we haven’t planned around visiting friends and family! While we do have one friend that we want to catch up with while there. The main focus on this trip is spending time with just us experiencing new things that we haven’t before. Which will be a hugely different trip to the one we went on a couple of years back where the entire holiday involved catching up with family and nothing of experiencing the touristy things in Auckland.

Our Rubbish Man – FAVOURITE

Seriously, our rubbish truck driver is awesome. He not only comes up our long drive to collect the rubbish from our wheelie bin. He also stops to collect any rubbish piles that might be lying around. Such as the huge pile of rubbish that Eugene emptied out of his truck last weekend and left lying again our driveway fence instead of putting it in or by the wheelie bin. I really must bake him a pile of cupcakes or something next week to thank him!

Broken Down Truck – NOT A FAVOURITE

Eugene’s work truck broke down earlier this week. It’s still in for repairs. I had to stop dinner in the middle of cooking it and get Nana up to babysit the kids while I went to pick him up. Of course, the problem with that was I couldn’t find my keys. They weren’t hanging up by the door where I usually hang them and they weren’t in my purse or in the pockets of the clothes I was wearing the last time I used them. Blake eventually found them on the fence by the playhouse. But don’t ask me how they got there!

Wedding Anniversary – FAVOURITE

Yes, I’m sure you are sick of hearing about it by now but my wedding anniversary  still counts as a favourite event for the week.

Hubby’s Birthday – FAVOURITE

Ditto goes for Eugene’s birthday.


I’m sure it’s a stage many kids go through. I just wish mine weren’t! Both Blake and Celine (although mostly Blake) are going through a magpie stage. Every time they see something they like that doesn’t belong to them, they squirrel it away in their rooms. I’ve lost count of the number of things that I’ve returned to my office or my kitchen or my makeup/jewellery boxes this week that Celine and Blake have hidden away in their rooms. It’s got to the point where I have to go through every nook and cranny in Blake’s room every night to see what else he took that day. Rather frustrating and I’m unsure how to deal with it at the moment. Some research will be needed for that.

Your Turn!

It’s been a huge week for me but now it’s your turn! Have you written a favourite post this week? Had something exciting happen this week? Or maybe something shitty instead? Tell me about it in the comment section below and if it’s a post that you’ve written then don’t forget to post the link too!

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  1. Glenda Cates says:

    Sounds like you had a busy week. Congrats on the Vacation. This week has been kinda slow here nothing much expect a visit to the pool and my step daughter had her first baby. Have a great week.
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