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Best friends, library trips and failed whiteware appliances. It’s another Friday Favourites linky with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my post last week, you can read it here!

Failed Whiteware

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My broken down washing machine and the soaking pile of clothes it was in the middle of washing.

I swear the universe is just laughing at me right now with two failed whiteware appliances. This week BOTH the dishwasher AND the washing machine decided to crap out on me. Since they have both been repaired a million bajillion times over the years since we purchased them, Eugene & I decided that it was just time to get new ones. Puts us into more debt and sucks up more of our funds than I’d like, but needs must. The new whiteware appliances should arrive early next week. In the meantime the washing piles for 7 people just keep piling up. It’s going to be fun trying to get that under control again next week.

BFF Visit

You know those friends that you can go for ages without seeing but as soon as you do, you just pick up where you left off? Yeah, this is one of those friends! I was so happy to be able to catch up with my BFF although the reason she came down this way was an unhappy one. It was still nice to be able to talk and hug and catch up with everything face to face. Rather than chatting online or over the phone since we live on opposite sides of the North Island. It’s just so nice to be able to reach out and physically be able to hug each other when needed! The visit was far too short and I miss her already!

Kindy Trip To The Library

Danielle got to attend a library visit with kindy this week to celebrate Cat In The Hat turning 60 (or something like that). I went as a parent helper. The two year one and two classes at school came along as well so Blake was there too. The library had someone read one of the stories to the kids and then had a few activities for the kids to do that were Cat In The Hat related. The kids all had fun with the activities but unfortunately got a little bored with the story reading. Not their fault. The person reading wasn’t the most exciting reader in the world and didn’t add any emotion into her voice for excitement. It was all monotone.

Work Experience

I got a couple of hours work experience in at Eugene’s work this week to help with the filing. It was nice to be back in the office and get a more recent handle on things. It was also nice to put faces to names that Eugene mentions when he talks about his day.

Free TV

The TV Box I mentioned last week that Eugene ordered has arrived and is I might add awesome! So we will be cancelling our Sky before the next payment cycle because we can stream everything through this box and I do mean EVERYTHING! He has also had quite a lot of interest in this box so he has started importing more to set up and sell.

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