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Easter school holidays, easter weekend, family visits and friend visits. It’s another filled up Friday Favourites linky with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my last Friday Favourites post, you can read it here!

Easter School Holidays

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Celine and Danielle acting like the monkeys that they are.

It’s that time of year again where all 4 children are home to drive me nuts for 2 whole weeks of easter school holiday torture. I generally dread this time because my children love nothing better than to drive me crazy with constant bickering and nagging and “I’m bored.”

The only thing that redeems the thought of school holidays is that I get to relax a little more on the structured day. I can do things whenever I feel like and there is no crazy rush in the mornings to get the school and kindy drop off done.

I’m also sorry that I wasn’t able to take them out to more exciting places these holidays than the local park. But that’s how the finances rolled. My children’s highlight of their boring school holidays apart from family and friends visits… was feeding and collecting the eggs from the neighbour’s chickens while they were on holiday.

Family Visit

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Easter chocolates for my children from Uncle Eddie and Clinton.

These holiday’s we were fortunately to have my oldest brother (he and his fiance are godparents to my children) and my nephew drive down to visit us on the first weekend of the holidays. It’s been well over a year since we last saw them and they totally spoilt the children. Though we missed seeing my sister-in-law with them (she doesn’t travel well), it was awesome to be able to catch up with all the goings on. I still cannot get over how grown up my nephew now looks.

Easter Weekend

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Blake checking out the bunny toy that the Easter Bunny left him.

Easter weekend was both quiet and fun. The children loved their surprises from the Easter Bunny although their responses to them was absolutely funny. Eugene & I watched through the security camera to see how they would respond to the Easter Bunny’s surprises. Blake and Danielle didn’t even noticed until I pointed it out to them. Celine was curious but didn’t touch. Isabella didn’t notice them until after she’d drunk half the “hot chocolate” drink that Celine had made her.

Friend’s Visit

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My bestie’s children and mine lined up from oldest to youngest. Both for this visit and the one from a few years ago where Isabella wasn’t even in existence! (My bestie gave me special permission to post this photo.)

My bestie and I live at total opposites of the North Island of our little old New Zealand. We’ve been friends since we were both 5 years old and just starting school. Once we moved our families to opposite ends of the island we don’t get to see each other all that much anymore. We keep in contact through messages and facebook etc but we can go a year or two with physically laying eyes on each other.

This year I have been able to see my friend not just once but twice.  And while the first instance was for a very sad reason, I still feel blessed for having been able to. The second time was much different to the first. This time my bestie brought her whole family down for a little break and a catch up.

It was awesome to be able to see how much her children have grown up from the last time I saw them. Both her children and mine have grown up so much in the time since we saw them last.

Still No Diva

Diva still hasn’t come back from her wandering. We’re all very sad at her disappearance and miss her terribly. I’m starting to lose hope a little that she will return.

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