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Dani the monkey learns a new skill 2 days before her birthday. Celine joins netball. The first mufti day of the school year and Captain Cuddles gets fixed. It’s another Friday Favourites linky with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my post from last week, you can read it here!

Dani The Monkey

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Danielle scaling up the pole like a monkey.

Danielle learnt a new skill literally 2 days before her birthday. She learnt how to scale up a pole at kindy. The teachers at kindy told me that only one other child  there has ever been able to do that. Which is pretty exciting.

Dani’s Birthday

Of course that leads into Danielle turning 4 this week. It’s still so weird to me that 3 of my 4 children have reached the 4 year old mark already. What’s even weirder is that by this time next year 3 children will be at school and 1 will just be starting kindy. What will I do with myself for 6 hours a day then?

Celine Starts Netball

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Celine at netball training last week.

I forgot to mention this in last week’s post I think. Although anyone following us on snapchat would have seen it. But Celine has started netball training at school. It’s the first time she has been old enough to be part of the Junior team. Because of the years where Celine was restricted from such activities by her Perthes Disease she isn’t as quite as practised as the other girls her age. Nor is she as confidant with the ball. But the netball trainer doesn’t see a problem with that and Celine can still make the actual team if she tries hard enough at practise.

First Mufti Day Of The School Year

Today marks the first mufti day of the school year and Blake’s second mufti day since starting school last December. This time there was no dress up theme however so he could wear whatever he wanted. There was also no gold coin donation this time like there usually is. Instead the kids were asked to bring an easter egg to donate to the easter raffle. Judging from the amount already collected by the time we got to school there will probably be enough eggs for quite a few raffles this year.

Captain Cuddles Gets Fixed

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Danielle eating breakfast on the morning of her 4th birthday.

Today is a big day for Captain Cuddles. He’s gone into the vet to get fixed. One pup is generally enough for me and I don’t want any surprises later. Not that he’s showing any signs of getting randy. But I prefer to be safe than sorry.

I am of the strong belief that unless you plan on actually breeding your pets, that a responsible owner should always get their pets fixed. I know it’s an expensive procedure but some vets will let you pay it off if you have an account with them. Otherwise, the SPCA will usually have a special day available throughout the year where they will fix cats and dogs for free or at a heavily subsidised price.

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