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Cuddles first vet visit, the non-cricket game and school’s back. As usual for a Friday I am sharing my weeks highs and lows for another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here!

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Celine & Blake on the first day back to school

School’s Back

It’s the best time of year! School is back in action and I’m down to one child all day instead of four!

The Non-Cricket Game

Yesterday was meant to be a ODI game of cricket between New Zealand and Australia and for once it was being held in sunny Hawke’s Bay where we live. So, being the awesome (hahahaha) parents that we are, Eugene arranged for leave from work, and I arranged to pick up the kids from school and kindy at midday so we could all go watch this historical game. Because how often would our kids get to see such an event live! HA!

It rained all morning. And while the sky cleared up by the time the game was scheduled to start, the ground was too wet to play on. For over 5 hours us and the rest of the crowd sat watching the sponge cart go around and around the pitch, waiting and waiting and waiting for the pitch to be considered dry enough to play on. By 6:45 pm the game had been called off because the grounds was still too wet.

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Waiting in the stadium for the cricket game to start

So essentially we had pulled our kids out of school and kindy for nothing but some quality family time and lots of boring waiting. Oh well. I am pleased to say that while each child did have their moments at some time during those hours of waiting, over all they were relatively well behaved. At least until right at the end when they were so tired and bored that there was no avoiding it.

At least the school and kindy teachers had a good laugh this morning.

Captain Cuddles First Vet Visit

Cuddles went for his first vet visit yesterday. I had him booked in at the same time as Jazz’s arthritis injection appointment so that he’d have some company and see that it wasn’t scary. Cuddles was still scared but he got through it in the end. They gave him a quick check over and then gave him his vaccinations and then some flea and worming tablets.

What was your highlight of the week?

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  1. How annoying about the cricket!! Very disappointing! My kids were back to school this week so just focussing on getting back into the full swing of school life!

  2. Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child says:

    Oh no that’s terrible about the cricket!! I remember going to ODI’s as a family, and it would have sucked to not have seen one like that! You guys must have a lot of patience!

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