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This week is all about Celine’s bake sale and some not so fun stuff! It’s another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my last Friday Favourites post, you can find it right here!

Celine’s Bake Sale

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Celine proudly holding the melting moments she made for the bake sale.

Today, Celine’s school is having a bake sale to raise money for her school camp at the end of the year. The camp is pretty pricey since it’s an away camp unlike last year. So the school try to fundraise as much as possible to help out the families of the children who will be attending. It helps that they notify us early in the year as well so we can start setting aside the money for this camp.

to contribute to Celine’s bake sale today, Celine and I spent yesterday after school baking melting moments with yummy chocolate icing. All the kids had a ball eating the cast aside biscuits that didn’t quite make the cut for selling too. Which was a bonus.

Hurry Up With My Dryer!

A not so favourite occurrence this week. No dryer! Last week we had to get the electrician to come over to fix my dryer. This is a brand new dryer and I seem to be having a bad run with my whiteware this year. Even the new stuff! The week before it was the washing machine. Last week, the dryer.

The electrician arrived on Wednesday, while I was out for the day. Nana was babysitting Isabella so someone would be home for him. He turned up. Put a few items into it. Turned it on for 10 minutes. Claimed there was nothing wrong with it and that I was probably overloading it and then left. When I got home after picking up Blake from school and Danielle from kindy, I looked at the load he’d put in it and turned it on properly to test it. While it was on, I did a few other things around the place and then left to pick up Celine from netball practice.

Literally 5 minutes after I go back with Celine, the dryer began beeping. Same problem as before. The display message was F4 which according to the manual means the drum isn’t changing temperature. Needless to say, I phoned the electrician back up there and then. Not my preferred electrical company I may add, he was off with a broken arm or I would have used them instead. He finally turned up on Thursday at 5 pm to collect the dryer. We haven’t heard from his since and it’s been a week!

The Washing And The Rain

Since I have no dryer and it’s been so wet, I can’t get anything dry! I’ve had the same load of washing on my line for 4 days simply because every time it gets semi-dry, it rains again! I’m going to have to rewash the load in the machine since I have no more room on the line either!

Fence Progress

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Already half way up the paddock!

On the bright side, we’re already half way up the paddock on our fence building and have enough wood to put up this weekend which should get us 3/4 of the way up. It will be a relief to get this side done so we can relax and take our time with the rest of it. We plan to do the front fenceline as well. I’m hoping to get the chicken coop built before we start on the front one though.

Blake’s Eye Check Up

Our post surgery check up went very well on Tuesday. The surgeon was very happy with the results of Blake’s eye surgery 6 weeks ago.

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