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Have you ever been so proud of your work even though it’s like really mediocre. I’m sure Eugene could have built a better, straighter one. But hell, if I waited for him to do it, it’d never get done. Wondering what on earth I’m talking about? I built myself a bookshelf for my office! It’s another Friday Favourites linky post with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my last Friday Favourites post, you can find it right here!

My Bookshelf!

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It’s slightly slanted but I’m damned proud of my hard work!

OK, so it’s not the straightest shelf in the world. But it’s damned sturdy and I made it myself! So it could do with a paint job, but I think it looks awesome as it is. I basically wanted something to put my decorations on for my chatty vlog background. And this works well although I’m still sorting out how I want my decorations to fit in.

What’s more? I didn’t have to spend a single penny! I used some of the old railings that we’d pulled off the old paddock fence as we replaced it, found some of Eugene’s old nails from some project or other, grabbed a hammer and saw and went at it. It took me about 1.5 hours all up.

Would You Just Bloody Listen?

Something that was not a favourite highlight of my week… the deafness my kids seem to have whenever they have been given an instruction. I have found myself yelling and losing my voice this week more than normal because they ignore every instruction I give them.

Case in point? Danielle. She was asked numerous times between 7 am and 8:15 am to get dressed for kindy. Was she dressed at 8:15 am? Hell no! Didn’t matter how I said it, what I said or anything. I even got down on her level and held her face so she looked at me as I said it. Nothing worked until I made to leave for the school/kindy drop off. Then all of a sudden, she got dressed.

And that is just one example of a million different episodes from each of the kids this week. Do your homework. Do your chores. Pick up the toys and rubbish you leave all over the lounge. Get dressed. Get in your pajamas. Put on your shoes. Put on a jumper. I’ve talked myself hoarse this week and I may as well have talked to a brick wall since none of them were listening.

Crazy Dog Lady

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We got joined by a 4th dog on our walk who decided our little pack looked like fun!

I feel like the crazy dog lady these days. I not only take my own dog, Captain Cuddles and mum’s dog, Jazz for their walk most days. But I also usually take my neighbour’s gorgeous pup too when he’s home for one. So between my 3 boys that I walk, and my mate’s girl that we usually meet up with for a play/walk, we already tend to have a pretty full on pack.

Well, earlier this week we got joined randomly but the sweetest old boy from further up my street who decided our little pack looked like fun and wanted to join us! He had a ball racing around with the younger 3 dogs and even old Jazz got a bit playful and had a good run with the others. Although, I can’t say that the new dog remained white for very long. He is apparently a huge water play dog because he was in and out of every water hole we passed.

Blake’s Horse

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Blake’s horse picture that he was very proud of.

This one seriously had me giggling. Blake brought this home from school the other day. According to him, it’s a horse. My first impression of his picture was not exactly G-rated. But he was very proud of his horse and it does have four legs and a mane. At least, that’s what he said it was.

What do you think of Blake’s horse? Did you have the same impression that I did? A not very G-rated one?

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