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This would normally be a Friday Favourites post. But since there is no linky happening for that anymore I’m changing my weekly family related event update to a Family Friday Catch Up. Which I feel is a more accurate umbrella for my posts than the original Friday Favourites one does. Anyway, as you would have also noticed, this post did not go up on the Friday like it should have despite what the date says on it. That is because I have back dated it. And the reason behind the back dating is that I have been dealing with another hospital visit. Which means I am currently in catch up mode.

Another Hospital Visit

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Mum talking to the ED nurse about her condition.

This time our hospital visit is for my mother (aka Nana). She had her quarter annual diabetes appointment with our GP. While we were waiting for her appointment, Mum showed me her leg which had swollen up again. Due to her history of staff infection, i advised her to get our GP to check it. When she did so, he thought there might be a small internal bleed causing the swelling and referred us to the emergency department at the hospital.

So we picked up the older three kids early from kindy and school and drove all the way to hospital. The ED doctor read the referral letter from our GP and then took note of mum’s other symptoms. So instead of the ultrasound for her leg that our GP wanted, mum was suddenly getting ECGs and x-rays of her lungs. They determined that the swelling in her legs was caused by fluid build up as a result of age related heart failure (simply meaning that her heart was no longer working at 100% capacity due to her age). Eugene picked up the older three kids as soon as he was able to finish work and took them home, leaving Isabella with me.

They gave her some medicine designed to draw out the fluid and turn it into urine. After an hour and a half of Mum rushing to the toilet she’d lost 1 kg (1 litre of fluid). There was still no sign of the leg swelling going down. They decided that Mum couldn’t go home that night and admitted her to the Acute Assessment Unit. Isabella & I left Mum at the hospital after I’d made sure that they’d given her some food to eat and that they knew what medication she needed to manage her Restless Leg Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes. (Not that they listened. Apparently hospital doctors know better than the daughter who lives with her and understands her condition and tolerance level).

"amummyslifenz" family friday catch up"

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