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Between Celine and Blake this week is fill of activities galore! It’s another filled up Friday Favourites linky with Maria and Lisa. If you missed my last Friday Favourites post, you can read it here!

Trip To Wairoa

Remind me to never take this trip again? For some reason I thought it was an awesome idea to go up as a family since Eugene had to drop some android TV boxes there anyway. Bad decision. I should have made him go up by himself! The road is horribly. It’s windy and sickening. We barely managed to make the trip up without anyone actually being sick. Not so lucky coming back. Both Danielle and myself were carsick on the trip coming back. Needless to say, I am never going up that road again!

School’s Back

Oh hell yes! School is back in action and I am ever so grateful. The kids ended the week quite tired but it was a good tired. On the other hand, school has been right back into all the activities straight from the get go especially for Celine. And that is tiring in itself!

Celine’s School Activities Galore

Celine was already doing netball practice, keyboard and ukulele from last term. This term she has also started gymnastics and has her first actual netball game tomorrow morning on top of her weekly practice sessions. Gymnastics only goes for a month thankfully, but it’s 3 very intense practice sessions a week until the competition. Netball games  and practice will continue on well into term 3. Music will continue until the end of the year. It’s her second year of keyboard and her first of ukulele. Hopefully she will be good enough to perform in the end of year prizegiving assembly this year.

Blake’s Super Fours

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Blake learning how to throw the ball before the game started.

Blake is not to be left out in the school activity sector. He started Super Fours today. Super Fours is basically a fun and friendly competition between the local schools where they play in teams against each other (provided there are enough from one school to form a team of their own, otherwise they combine). They play four weeks of one sport then four weeks of another. They will have played four sports in total by the end of term 3. The first sport on the list is basketball. Blake has never played before and struggled to get the hang of the game. But the main idea is to have fun at his age not serious competition. It’s a neat way to introduce the younger kids to each game without too much pressure.

Nana’s Birthday

As you already know, my mother celebrated her 73rd birthday this week. She had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed her cake. Of course, we still had cake coming out of our ears even today! The last of it was finally eaten this evening as Eugene walked out the door with it on his way to set up some more of his tv boxes.

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